Perfect Gifts for Curious Children to Foster Learning, Creativity and Independent Play

Are you looking for an ideal gift to satisfy the inquiring mind of your child? What makes a gift perfect? If it ignites a spark in the eyes, does a minimum for the child, requires the child to get active, and helps them come up with creative ways to use the tools, hands-on – then it is most likely a perfect choice. Obviously quality is very important too. I am going to throw some suggestions your way.

Every year I pick hands-on educational toys and tools I believe can enrich a child’s imagination and play. I hope to save you effort and time if you are struggling to choose a gift for your child that fosters learning, creativity, and independent play. This list is for parents who like to be intentional with their presents. But may I just remind you that the most valuable gift is your time and undivided attention? One-on-one interaction with the people your child admires and adores.

For children aged 0-5

Montessori Object Permanence Box with Tray and Ball by D & D Distributor (age -0-2) 

A child has to drop the little ball into the hole in the box. The ball will roll out of the box and into the attached tray thus allowing the child to experience object permanence by seeing that the ball did not just disappear. With repeated use of this material, the child learns how it feels to succeed when he has achieved a goal on his own.

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Little Climber by Lily & River (age 1-3)

Little Climber is the Smart Home Playground designed to enhance your children’s motor skill development, balance control, creativity, and so much more! Little Climber grows with your little one and is made for children ages 6 months to 3+ years.

Treasure Basket  by  CarlaSTreasure (age 0-2)

Play food by Liliput Kingdom (age 3 and up)

The felt sushi set is fun to play with! The set includes 4 kinds of sushi, 2 of each kind + wasabi and Ginger + chopsticks.

Handmade materials From Jennifer.  (age 3 and up)

Most of their products are made from locally harvested hardwoods and are finished with natural sealants so you know they are safe for you and your family and that with care they will last for many many years.

Educational Toys and Games by eeBoo (age 3 and up)

Complete set Montessori felt map by Felt Fun And Games (age 3 -5)

 Educational felt sets, sensory bins, dress up and toys by twig and daisy (age 3-6)

Felt Play Small Worlds by FeltLove4U (age 3 and up)

For children aged 5-12

Handmade Wooden Bow and Arrow Set by Adventure Awaits! (age 8 and up)

This amazing bow set comes with 20 arrows, 2 bows and two quivers. These are handmade and very strong.

Children Exploration Kit by Harlerbo (age 3 and up)

Support STEM learning and encourage the love of nature. This adventure kit almost has everything your kids may need for your little explorer’s outdoor exploration. Designed to inspire your kids to be interested in observing nature and learning about it.

Portable Stereo Microscope by SOLOMARK (age 3 and up)

The binocular head allows comfortable viewing with both eyes; it is an ideal microscope for students in elementary to learn sciences. High-quality stereo microscope with two sets of effective optical glass eyepieces for 20X and 40X magnification. The microscope is easy to set up and operate, and it has a solid body, lightweight and portable, you can use it indoors or outdoors.

Creativity for Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium – Science Kit for Kids by Creativity for Kids (age 3 -5)

Experience the wonder of nature with the Grow N’ Glow Terrarium! This kit allows you to craft, plant, water and grow your own terrarium tabletop garden.

Hookey Ring Toss Game by Elite Sportz Equipment (age 8 and up)

Hookey is a wonderfully safe alternative to darts that’s also challenging and addictive.No sharp darts here, so there’s no need to worry while the kids play our ring toss game.

Doctor Lab Pad Biology Kit by Ben Franklin Toys (age 5 and up)

Twelve safe play & pretend medical Doctor activities – real-life experiments and tests.

ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game and STEM Toy for Boys and Girls Age 8 and Up by Think Fun

Gravity Maze is a combination logic game, marble run, and STEM toy for boys and girls. Contains 60 challenges from beginner to expert, a game grid, 9 towers, 1 target piece, and 3 marbles.

Snap Circuits Snaptricity Electronics Exploration Kit by  Snap Circuits (age 8 – up)

Build over 75 projects. Projects relate to electricity and magnetism and how they are used in the home.

Bamboo Construct & Roll ™ by Explore Nook (age 3 and up)

This amazing resource is open-ended, so a child can truly use their imagination to explore and play. If you’re serious about children learning through play, then this is one natural learning resource that you must have in your block corner or child’s playroom.

Mega Crystal Growing Lab – 8 Colors to Grow with Night Light Display Stand! by National Geographic (age 8 and up)

Dive into the science of biology with a full-color learning guide complete with images and information on each of the samples found in the kit.

Puzzles by New York Puzzles Company (age 7 and up)

Grimm’s Spiel & Holz Wooden Toys (age 3 and up)

Felted Friends: Create Your Own Soft, Fuzzy Animals Craft Kit by Klutz (age 10 and up)

Create 4 adorable felted animals. Comes with 52-page instructions, a felting tool, a foam block, 100% natural wool in 6 colors, and three replacement needles. Recommended for children ages 10+.

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About Anastasia - Anastasia is an early childhood teacher and the founder of Montessori Nature - a blog about Montessori living and learning and nature-based explorations. With many years of experience working in a Montessori environment and homeschooling her children, she directed her passion for all things Montessori and nature into creating educational resources. You can learn more here and browse her printables on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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