Montessori at Home

A collage of pictures of a children's room.

Homeschool Room Setup Ideas

A homeschool space setup is an integral part of home education. How do we create a space for learning that is inviting, clutter-free, practical, budget-friendly, and efficient? Before we set

A little girl with her hand on her face, captured in a heartwarming moment.

Letter from a toddler by DTRoman.

Toddler years are magical and challenging. My youngest child is just transitioning into a more independent and mature stage of her childhood and I am desperately trying to capture in

A bilingual woman is reading a book to a young Montessori child.

Raising Multilingual Montessori Kids

For many countries where the majority speaks English teaching children to speak other languages from a very early age is a foreign concept, while in many other parts of the