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  • About the Great Lessons Montessorikiwi for Montessori Nature

    About the Great Lessons Video Presentation by Montessorikiwi

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    Join Lisa from Montessorikiwi in a 20-minute video presentation where she helps you differentiate between Cosmic Education and the Great Lessons. She briefly outlines the content covered in the Great Lessons and suggests follow-up themes, topics, and materials. Furthermore, she explains how we can connect the Great Stories to global events and discusses the importance of Inquiry Learning.

  • Indigenous Australia Matching Tracing Colouring preview montessori nature printable fine motor cultural activities

    Indigenous Australia Matching Colouring Tracing

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    This Indigenous Australia match-up resource is great for young students and preschool children aged 2.5 – 5. This cultural printable contains true-to-life images for matching work.

  • Chinese traditional musical instruments

    Chinese Musical Instruments – Asia Continent Cards

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    This resource with Chinese musical instruments Montessori 3 part cards, poster, and student booklet is great for preschool and kindergarten students. It is designed to facilitate learning about the traditional aspects of Chinese culture.
    The printable presents 15 different types of musical instruments with photographs.

  • Montessori Asia Maps and Blackline Masters, Pin Flags activity combining blackline masters.

    Asia Maps and Blackline Masters, Pin Flags – Montessori

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    This resource contains colored and b&w maps of Asia with and without labels. It can be used with various age groups and in many different contexts – for coloring, labeling, pinning flags, marking locations, etc. 50 flags with labels and capital cities are also included.

  • Preschool Native American Musical Instruments picture cards.

    Native American Musical Instruments Picture Cards

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    Native American Musical Instruments: A Cultural Exploration
    Immerse your preschool and kindergarten students in the rich cultural heritage of Native American music with this engaging resource! This printable bundle presents 16 different types of traditional Native American musical instruments, complete with realistic and accurate clipart. Designed to promote cultural awareness and musical exploration, this resource is perfect for introducing young learners to the diverse sounds and traditions of Native American music.

  • Native American Houses Information and Picture Cards, 3 Part Cards Montessori.

    Native American Houses Pack

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    Native American Houses: A Colorful Learning Journey
    Explore the rich cultural heritage of Native American communities across North America with this comprehensive and engaging printable resource. This colorful package is designed to introduce students to 11 different types of traditional houses built by Native American people in various geographical locations.

  • Montessori Linear Calendar Warm & Evergreen Regions for Southern Hemisphere regions.

    Linear Calendar Warm & Evergreen Regions

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    Introduce your students to the concept of years, months, days, and seasons with this stunning Montessori printable! This unique resource features beautiful watercolor images and is perfect for teaching children in warm and evergreen regions where the landscape does not change drastically with the seasons.

  • Linear Calendar Southern Hemisohere Montessori Nature

    Montessori Linear Calendar Southern Hemisphere

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    Get your students exploring the concept of time with this beautiful Montessori linear calendar!

  • Linear Calendar Northern Hemisohere Montessori Nature

    Linear Calendar Northern Hemisphere

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    Get your students exploring the concept of time with this beautiful Montessori linear calendar!

  • Explore the rich history and architectural wonders of Castles of Europe with our captivating collection of 3-Part Cards. Immerse yourself in the grandeur and magnificence of famous cast

    Guide to European Castles

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    Take your students on a fascinating journey through the most beautiful castles in Europe! This comprehensive printable includes everything you need to complete your study of Europe’s majestic castles.

  • Cards about Europe

    Europe Pack

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    Introductory Europe Cards – A Fun and Interactive Way to Explore the Continent! Get your students excited to learn about Europe with this comprehensive printable pack!

  • Printable Art and Artwork Research Worksheets for Montessori elementary classrooms.

    Art Appreciation Research Worksheets and Venn Diagram

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    Take your students on a fascinating journey through art history with this interactive resource! This printable bundle is designed to encourage critical thinking, research skills, and creativity in your art-loving students.

  • famous artists of Europe cards

    Europe’s Greatest Artists Art Pack

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    Introduce your students to the world of art and art history with this engaging and informative resource!

  • Germs and Hygiene Pack with a history of photography.

    The History of Photography Timeline

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    This engaging and interactive timeline printable helps lower elementary students learn about the history of photography in a social and cultural context. By working with and making timelines, students gain a broad perspective and develop critical thinking skills as they explore the major achievements that shaped the evolution of photography.

  • Watercolor Calendar Mobile Montessori Nature

    Classroom Calendar Mobile

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    Enhance your classroom with this beautiful Watercolour Calendar Mobile featuring Sun, Earth, Moon, and more. Perfect for Montessori and Nature-inspired learning, this printable PDF includes Year, Date, Day, Month, Season, Weather, and Moon Phases. The watercolour clipart adds a charming touch, making it visually appealing for children. Suitable for both Northern and Southern Hemispheres, an editable version is included for easy translation into different languages. Elevate your calendar morning routine with this lovely addition to your classroom that will captivate students and aid in their learning experience.

  • Peace Around the World - Multicultural Printable in art.
  • History of Transportation timeline montessori nature printables

    The History of Transportation Timeline

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    Enhance your Montessori classroom or home with this engaging Timeline of the history of transportation printable cards set. Perfect for your Transport Unit and Inventions Unit, this set includes 38 control cards, 38 timeline cards, and 38 picture matching cards.
    These cards not only help students learn about the history of transportation but also improve their understanding of time and technological progress. Ideal for visual learners, these printable cards provide a hands-on approach to learning and can spark curiosity and interest in the subject.

  • art history timeline

    Art History Timeline

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    Enhance your art history curriculum with these Montessori-inspired 3-part cards, perfect for teaching students about major art periods from Stone Age to Postmodernism and Deconstructionism. Each card provides key characteristics, major works, main artists, and a representative piece of art for the period. This comprehensive resource offers a visual overview of art history, helping students grasp the progression of styles and movements over time. And with the option to print in a whole-page format, you can easily create a stunning display in your classroom. Elevate your teaching with these engaging and educational cards today!