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    Summer Pack Montessori Inspired Hands-On Activities

    Summertime in nature presents plenty of opportunities for explorations and learning. This pack will provide your students with hours of Summer themed engaging activities that will assist them in developing fine motor skills, number recognition, reading, logical thinking.
    80+ pages

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    Types of Flowers Parts

    Three-part and description cards with eighteen different flowering plants. The printable features isolated images of commonly known flowers such as lotus, sunflower, pansy, orchid, tulip, rose, blue plumbago, calla lily, carnation, dahlia, daisy, bird of paradise, iris, lily, magnolia, narcissus, petunia, poppy.

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    Flowers Safari Toob 3 Part Cards – Editable

    Three-part cards with eight images for the object to photo-matching activity. The printable features clear real-life photographs.
    It includes a set of flower vocabulary cards – rose, tulip, hibiscus, bird of paradise, daffodil, sunflower, lotus, orchid.

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    Seasons – Sorting and Matching Pictures and Facts

    Sorting and classifying printable activity to teach students about the four seasons.

  • butterfly pack montessori nature printable
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    Butterfly Pack

    Collection of butterfly themed printable hands-on activities. This resource would be a helpful addition to learning activities in the Montessori classroom. The pack contains cards, posters, student booklets, coloring pages and features real photos and true-to-life images. Some cards were made to match figurine toys. Pre-reading, reading, fine-motor, writing, sequencing, vocabulary.
    An addition to Spring Unit, Reading, Science, Arts.
    50+ pages
    Age: 3-5

  • Flowers of the continents montessori
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    Flowers Of The Continents 3 Part Cards

    Explore the fascinating world of botany with these Flowers of the Continents 3-part cards. This printable would be a colorful addition to your continent folders.

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    Summer Printable Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

    Fun and educational printables for young learners with a great variety of activities that address various skills such as fine motor, classification, counting, color recognition, and early learning language skills.

  • plant life cycle printable
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    Parts of a Plant, Plant Life Cycle and Needs of a Plant

    This printable is a perfect addition to your Spring and Summer Units. Present these activities before planting seeds in the classroom.

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