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    A to Z Emotions and Feelings – ABC Cards for Children.

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    Match up dress-up printable activity;

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    I was always passionate about teaching children to understand their emotions and being empathetic towards each other. It inspired me to create this teaching resource.

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    Calm – Down Cards contain 24 printable cards with strategies to manage moments of anger and frustration + A Calm-Down Poster- Beautifully designed, eye-pleasing, colorful cards
    – Effective Strategies
    – Two-size formats
    – Great for children with Sensory Processing Disorder and Special Needs Children

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    20 Silent / Noisy Sorting Cards
    Hands-on Montessori-inspired activity.
    Colorful photographs
    Age: 3-6.
    Social-Emotional Development

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    Montessori Emotions 3-Part Cards with 20 different emotions
    Each card set contains picture + label card, picture card and label card
    Cards show photographs of children expressing various emotions: joyful, shy, calm, absorbed, disgusted, delighted, alarmed, cheeky, devastated, confused, pleased, dreamy, embarrassed, bored, hurt, angry, amused, afraid, surprised.

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    This resource is designed to incorporate the 6 pillars of peaceful character: respect, caring, fairness, responsibility, trustworthiness, citizenship.

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    This resource explains the mechanisms behind common illnesses like cold and flu caused by viruses. It was created to help to prevent the spread of germs and encourage students to make daily choices that can potentially minimize their chances of catching and spreading a cold, flu or other virus and bacteria borne diseases.

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    The printable features real photos
    The printable is suitable for children ages 3-6.
    Classification nomenclature cards are great for expanding vocabulary and can be used during Social Studies and for teaching ESL students of all ages.

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    Sorting activity and student book for exploring emotions and feelings. This activity is a great way to get to know your students and help them express their feelings and emotions when it comes to everyday activities they do in kindy, childcare, school or home with their friends and peers.

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    This reading exercise is a visual that will assist your students in accepting children with different abilities from their peers. The resource contains images with short commentary to point out that even though we are different, we are all very much alike regardless of our abilities, gender, looks, and nationality.

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    Compassion and Peace learning activity pack for preschool children aged 3-6. This Kindness, Peace, and Valentine’s day themed activity pack contains printables to create a wide range of hands-on experiences for young children.

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    Daily schedule/routine activity cards with common tasks young children do in the morning and afternoon. Help your young learners gain essential life skills with these visual routine cards.

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    Learning activity pack for preschool children aged 3-6. “I am an athlete” activity pack contains printables to create a wide range of hands-on experiences for young children.

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