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  • Polite manners 3 part cards tracing coloring student booklet montessori nature printables definitions

    Polite Manners in the Classroom 3 Part Cards Definitions Coloring Tracing

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    This printable with Polite Manners in a Classroom cards is designed to help pre-k, kindergarten, and Grade 1 students develop polite manners in the classroom through engaging and interactive activities. The Montessori Grace and Courtesy 3 part cards provide a fun and educational way for children to learn and understand important social skills.

  • Peace is in me montessori nature printable 3 part cards definition tracing student coloring worksheet language cursive print

    Peace Is In Me 3 Part Cards Definitions Coloring Tracing

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    This “Peace Is In Me” printable with 3 part cards, definitions and black and white student worksheets is an engaging and educational resource designed specifically for pre-k, kindergarten, and Grade 1 students. It includes a variety of activities aimed at cultivating peace, mindfulness, and nurturing writing skills.

  • Word of the Month Montessori Nature Language Printable

    My Word of the Month

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    Use this New Year Resolutions language printable “My Word of the Month” for preschool and kindergarten students to support their social-emotional development. Inspire your young students to grow, think creatively, and practice their early learning literacy skills with this resource.

  • boy routine cards

    Visual Daily Routine Activity Cards for Young Children

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    Visual Daily Routine Activity Cards for Young Children: Essential Life Skills and Independence Building
    Help your young learners develop essential life skills and independence with these visually engaging daily routine activity cards! These 30 cards provide a structured framework for morning and afternoon routines, making it easier for children to understand what they need to do next.

  • Compassion and Peace Preschool Pack Montessori Nature (7)

    Preschool and Kindergarten Compassion and Peace Pack

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    This comprehensive activity pack is designed to help preschool and kindergarten teachers (ages 3-6) promote compassion, kindness, and peace in their classrooms. This Valentine’s Day-themed pack includes a variety of hands-on activities to develop essential skills in young children.

  • Sports Preschool Pack Montessori Nature

    Preschool and Kindergarten Sports Pack “I am an Athlete”

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    Get your preschool and kindergarten students excited about sports and learning with this comprehensive “I Am an Athlete” activity pack! This engaging pack includes a variety of hands-on activities to develop essential skills in literacy, numeracy, fine motor, and gross motor development.

  • Germs and hygiene printables

    Germs and Hygiene Pack

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    Teach your students about the importance of preventing the spread of germs and staying healthy with this comprehensive Montessori-style resource! This bundle includes a range of printable materials designed to help students understand the mechanisms behind common illnesses like cold and flu, and how to make daily choices to minimize their chances of catching and spreading these diseases.

  • The "Germs and Hygiene Pack" and hygiene are critical factors when considering actions that can either be helpful or harmful to the earth.

    Earth Day Environmental Awareness Cards

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    This engaging and educational resource is perfect for Earth Day or any environmental education lesson. Students will love the hands-on sorting activity, as well as the reading activity that reinforces the importance of mindful and sustainable practices.

  • Exploring the intricate relationship between Germs and Hygiene Pack to understand what shapes our lives.

    Inclusive Visual Pack Social Emotional Learning

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    Help your students develop empathy and understanding towards their peers with different abilities, gender, looks, and nationality with this engaging visual reading exercise!

  • Social emotional learning Germs and Hygiene Pack.

    Emotions and Feelings Pack

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    Help your students develop emotional awareness and expression with this comprehensive sorting activity and student book! This resource is perfect for kindergarten, childcare, and lower elementary school classrooms.

  • Montessori Association Activity Poster for 20 Silent & Noisy Cards to Help The Process of Normalization in a Montessori Classroom.

    20 Silent and Noisy Cards

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    Featuring colourful photographs of children from diverse backgrounds, this printable is a great tool to promote inclusivity and understanding in the classroom. Perfect for Montessori educators looking to facilitate the process of normalization, this activity will engage students while teaching them important lessons about self-regulation.

  • All About Gemstones 3 Part Cards Posters for a nature curriculum.

    Community Helpers 3 Part Cards

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    Enhance your students’ understanding of community helpers with this Montessori-inspired printable set of 3-part cards. This material is perfect for teaching Social Studies in a hands-on and engaging way. Each card features a photo of a different occupation, including tailor, teacher, pilot, scientist, business owner, nurse, and many more. These cards are great for vocabulary development, matching exercises, and building language skills.

  • peace around the world printable

    Peace Around the World

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    Match up dress-up printable activity

  • emotions a to z cards

    A to Z Emotions and Feelings

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    A to Z Emotions and Feelings – ABC Cards for Children.

  • Character Building Cards

    20 Character Building Cards

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    This resource is designed to incorporate the 6 pillars of peaceful character: respect, caring, fairness, responsibility, trustworthiness, citizenship.

  • A set of All About Gemstones 3 Part Cards Posters.

    Emotions 3 Part Cards

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    This resource contains cards with 20 different emotions.

  • emotions and feelings children's cards

    Emotions and Feelings Pack

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    This Teaching Feelings and Emotions Pack is a great tool for teachers looking to help young students aged 3-6 understand and express their emotions. With a variety of activities such as sorting games and Montessori 3-Part Cards, children will learn to recognize and name different feelings like happy, sad, and angry. This printable resource is perfect for teaching empathy and emotional intelligence in the classroom. The “My Emotions Book” allows children to reflect on their own feelings and practice drawing different emotions on faces. Help your students develop important social and emotional skills with this engaging and educational teaching resource.

  • Behavior Management and Self Regulation Task Cards

    Behavior Management and Self Regulation Task Cards

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    These Calm-Down Cards are perfect for teachers, counselors, and parents looking to help children develop healthy coping mechanisms. With a variety of strategies such as deep breathing, visualization, and positive self-talk, these cards provide a constructive way for children to navigate difficult emotions.
    Printable in two convenient sizes, these cards can be easily implemented in the classroom, at home, or in counseling sessions. Simply print, laminate for durability, and keep handy for when moments of anger or frustration arise.