Community Helpers 3 Part Cards


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Enhance your students’ understanding of community helpers with this Montessori-inspired printable set of 3-part cards. This material is perfect for teaching Social Studies in a hands-on and engaging way. Each card features a photo of a different occupation, including tailor, teacher, pilot, scientist, business owner, nurse, and many more. These cards are great for vocabulary development, matching exercises, and building language skills.

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Here is what’s included:
30 Control cards
30 Picture cards
30 Label Cards

The printable contains photos of 29 different occupations: tailor, teacher, pilot, scientist, business owner, nurse, mail person, entrepreneur, police officer, baker, athlete, artist, doctor, waiter, farmer, chef, veterinarian, firefighter, builder, cleaner, actor, hairdresser, plumber, web designer, photographer, sailor, personal trainer, musician, engineer.

By using the Community Helpers Montessori Nomenclature 3-Part Cards in the classroom, students can learn about different community helpers and the roles they play in society. The material allows students to match the control cards with the corresponding picture and label cards, helping them to visually connect the occupation with the correct term. This can help students expand their vocabulary, develop their reading skills, and gain a better understanding of the world around them.

The material can also be used for activities such as sorting, matching, and memory games, which can make learning about community helpers more interactive and engaging for students. Additionally, teachers can use the printable as a tool for discussions or presentations on different occupations, allowing students to explore various career options and foster an appreciation for the diverse roles individuals play in their communities.


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