Animals That Help Humans Survive 3 Part Cards Facts


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This resource on essential animals for human survival is perfect for teachers looking to educate their students on the importance of these creatures. With 3 part nomenclature cards and information cards for 10 different animals, students will have fun learning fascinating facts about each one. This resource is a great addition to any Earth Day unit and will engage children in discovering how these animals play a vital role in our lives.

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Here’s what’s included:

  • 3 part cards with 10 different animals
  • 10 x information cards
  • This resource can have a several uses in a classroom:

    Science lessons: The 3 part nomenclature cards can be used to help students learn and identify the different animals included in the resource. This can be a fun and interactive way for students to learn about the various animals and their importance in the ecosystem.

    Research projects: The information cards can be used as a starting point for research projects on each of the animals. Students can use the information provided to learn more about the animals and their role in the environment, as well as how they are crucial for the survival of humans.

    Earth Day activities: Since the resource is a perfect addition to an Earth Day unit, teachers can use it to educate students about the importance of conservation and protecting the environment. Students can learn about how these animals contribute to the ecosystem and why it is important to protect them.

    Vocabulary building: The resource can also be used to help students build their vocabulary by introducing new terms related to animals and ecology. Students can learn the names of different animals, as well as specific terms related to their habitats and behaviors.

    Art and craft activities: Teachers can incorporate the resource into art and craft activities, where students can create drawings or models of the animals featured in the resource. This can help students visually connect with the animals and further reinforce their learning.


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