Insects of Australia 3-Part Cards


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This engaging printable features clear and colorful images of 20 different Australian insects, perfect for helping young learners easily identify and learn about the bugs they see in their own backyard. The set includes labeled control cards, picture cards, label cards, and a definition card to enhance comprehension and retention. From the common fly to the fascinating mantis and everything in between, this resource is sure to capture children’s attention and spark their curiosity about the world of insects. Bring the wonders of nature into your classroom with this educational and visually appealing teaching tool. Perfect for homeschooling parents, nature enthusiasts, and teachers looking to add a fun and interactive element to their lessons.


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Here is what’s included:

  • 20 x labeled control cards
  • 20 x picture cards
  • 20 x label cards
  • 1 x definition card.

Australian insects included in this printable: fly, firefly, cockroach, mantis, Christmas beetle, Northern Jezebel, ladybird, Lesser Wanderer, ant, hover fly, grasshopper, assassin bug, silverfish, house moth, mosquito, flea, dragonfly, bumble bee, caterpillar, wasp.

Benefits for teachers:

Engages students: The colorful and clear images are sure to capture children’s attention and spark their curiosity about insects.
Supports learning: The control cards, picture cards, and label cards provide a hands-on way for students to learn about different insects and their names.
Encourages vocabulary development: By matching the labels to the pictures, students can learn the names of various insects and expand their vocabulary.
Promotes observation skills: Students can observe the details of each insect and compare them to the control cards to identify each insect.
Integrates with science curriculum: This printable can be used as a supplement to lessons on insects, biodiversity, and the natural world.

Ideas for classroom use:

Matching game: Have students match the picture cards to the control cards and label cards to reinforce their understanding of different insects.
Scavenger hunt: Hide the picture cards around the classroom or outdoor area for students to find and identify the corresponding insect.
Art project: Have students choose an insect from the printable to research and create a detailed drawing or model of.
Writing activity: Ask students to write a short paragraph describing one of the insects in the printable, including facts about its habitat, diet, and behavior.
Outdoor exploration: Take students on a nature walk to look for insects in their natural habitat and compare them to the insects included in the printable.


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