How to Use 3-Part Cards

Montessori Three-Part Cards are designed for children to learn and process the information presented on the cards. They help children to build vocabulary, learn to spell, and practice categorizing and organizing skills.

The Montessori Three-Part Card set consists of a card with the picture and the word label; a card with the picture; and a card with the word label.
Step 1: Lay down all the picture cards from left to right, introducing one term at a time. Start first with only 5 cards when working with young students.
Step 2: Ask the child to point to the picture card you ask for.
Step 3: Gather the picture cards in your hand. Place one card at a time down and ask, “What is this?“
Step 4: Ask the child to match the figurine to the picture (when doing an object-to-picture matching activity).
Step 5: Lay down all the labeled picture cards (control cards). Read each word to the child.
Step 6: Ask the child to match each picture card to the labeled picture cards (control cards).
Step 7: Ask the child to take the top label card and compare it to the first labeled picture card, until they find the matching label card for each control card.
Once a child can read:
Step one: Ask the child to lay down the picture cards and name each term.
Step two: Ask the child to read each label card and match it to the picture card.
Step three: Ask the child to use the labeled picture cards (control cards) to self-correct.

Three-part card set for children aged 6-9 (lower elementary) consists of a picture card, a definition (information) card, and a label card. Attach stickers or draw dots of different colors on the flipped side of each card set for self-check.

Step 1. The child lays down all picture cards in a row from left to right.

Step 2. The child reads and matches all label cards and places them below the picture cards.

Step 3. The child reads the definition cards and places them below the label cards.

Step 4. The child flips cards over to self-check and makes sure all sets are matched correctly.

Follow-up activities.

As a follow-up activity, the child can be invited to make a booklet. The child draws pictures from cards, and copies labels or definitions. Some printable sets come with student booklets. The child is invited to color pictures, trace labels or copy new vocabulary he or she learned when working with the card set.

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