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My wish is for you to stop wondering and stressing over having to plan educational and fun learning activities for your children. Allow a qualified early childhood teacher to give you peace of mind. I created a planner and printables for the Resource Library with activities that cover all main areas of a child’s development and support a child’s cognitive, emotional, and physical growth naturally and engagingly.

The Resource Library 2.0 contains all our free printables that are included in the Free Resource Library. It allows you to save time and download the printables with one click (you don’t have to enter your email to download each freebie). There are no ads and the latest free printables are quick and easy to get. Members can search for free downloads they are after and purchase printables from the store with a 20% discount. From September – May get access to the monthly prefilled activity planner with bonus printables from the shop.

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Are you looking forward to having an amazing time with your students this year?

Are you an educator of children 3-5 years of age?

Do you enjoy implementing a hands-on approach?

Do you like to have fun, engaging, and purposeful learning activities organized in one planner?

Fun, engaging, educational, and Montessori-minded. This is what I aimed for when I was creating these early learning packs for children. Detailed instructions and activity variations are also included.

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Hands-on activities are organized by week and by day. The pack is accompanied by a pre-filled planner for guided learning with an editable date box and headings. The 2-week guided learning planner comes with low prep activities that cover major areas of a child’s development and foster independence, creativity, and critical thinking:

  • Language
  • Math
  • Practical Life
  • Science
  • Grace and Courtesy
  • Gross Motor
  • Fine Motor
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Foreign Language

No need to purchase expensive materials. Most of the activities are easy to prepare and set up.

What is guided learning? It is a form of learning that is grounded on basis of the fundamental principles of early childhood development. We all know that children thrive within clear boundaries and when provided with structure.

Early Learning Activity Planner for children aged 3 – 5 is here to help you and supply you with tools and very specific steps to create an environment where the child can receive just enough guidance to then use these skills to propel his or her development and progress further in the learning journey, encourage spontaneous activity that forms child’s personality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the monthly membership?

One-click access to all free downloads (over 300 freebies), cursive printables, Homeschool Simplified course (value – $25), Monthly prefilled planner & bonus printables ($30 value), 20% discount on all paid printables.

What’s the difference between monthly membership and lifetime access?

Lifetime access allows members to download Prefilled Planner materials from Month One – Current Month (value – $270).

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Resource Library 2.0 Monthly Subscription $6.00 per Month. Select
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