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  • Montessori nature learning bee printable preschool lacing card math coloring counting cutting prewriting playdoh life cycle (3)

    Bee Early Learning Pack Life Cycle Play-Doh Mats

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    This comprehensive Bee themed set includes lacing card, number clip cards, tracing and coloring sheets, counting activities, building letter activity, cutting exercises, pre-writing practice, play-doh mats, a bee life cycle poem, and story activities. These fun and engaging printables are perfect for Spring and Summer lessons about bees. They are also great resources for promoting fine motor skills, math concepts, literacy, creativity, and counting skills in young learners. Your students will love buzzing around the classroom as they learn and play with these bee themed activities. This educational and interactive resource is designed to captivate your students’ imaginations and enhance their early learning experiences.

  • United States Country Pack Montessori Nature Printable Preschool 3 Part Cards Animals Landmarks Playdough Mats

    United States Preschool Country Pack

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    This United States Country Pack provides an engaging and hands-on learning experience for preschool and primary students. This educational tool helps children learn about geography by exploring the US, its culture, people, animals, landmarks, and flag. It improves their geographical knowledge, cognitive skills, fine motor skills, mastering of fine motor skills and encourages curiosity.

  • Summer playdough mats preschool fine motor printable montessori nature

    Summer Playdough Mats Fine Motor

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    These summer playdough mats learning printables would be great learning visuals for preschool and kindergarten children. Use this resource with playdough outlines to create hands-on summer activities for your students to supplement their learning in various areas such as literacy and creativity. This resource will be an exciting addition to your summer work shelves in the Montessori and early childhood classrooms.

  • Poppy plant life cycle anatomy characteristics types montessori nature printable 3 part cards information student booklets tracing coloring learning pack learning activities remembrace day

    Parts of a Poppy Life Cycle Types Characteristics Facts

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    Enhance your teaching resources with these vibrant and educational Poppy Plant Printables! Perfect for lessons on plants, this set includes diagrams illustrating the Poppy Life Cycle, Parts of a Poppy, Poppy Characteristics, and Various Types of Poppies. These engaging printables are great supplemental materials for teaching students about plants, making them ideal for Farm Units, Spring Flowers lessons, and Remembrance Day / Anzac Day activities. Designed for preschool, kindergarten, and Grade 1 students, these resources are visually appealing and easy to understand.

  • Sale! I Have Who Has Math Bundle

    I Have Who Has Math Games Bundle

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    I Have, Who Has? Math Games help reinforce valuable lessons and math concepts whilst capturing students’ attention, focus and concentration in a fun and engaging way. Students will be learning while having fun and playing math games with their peers in pairs, in small and large groups. Once students are familiar with the subjects, these cards can be also used as an individual activity to review important math concepts.

  • i have who has cards 3d shapes and real world objects

    I Have, Who Has Math Game – 3D Shapes and Real World Objects

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    This 3D Shapes and Real World Objects I Have, Who Has? Game presents a great math challenge for K and Grade 1 students. It requires them to pay attention to detail as each player reads their card and asks their question, eg. “I have a ball. Who has 2 real world ovoids?”.


  • 2D Shapes Colors I Have Who Has Game

    I Have, Who Has Math Game – 2D Shapes and Colors

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    This 2D Shapes and Colors I Have, Who Has? Game presents a great math challenge for K and Grade 1 students. It requires them to pay attention to detail as each player reads their card and asks their question, eg. “I have a green circle. Who has 2 purple squares?”.


  • The Types of Butterflies - Color Identification Clip Cards are shown on color identification clip cards.

    Types of Butterflies – Color Identification Clip Cards

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    Clip cards with sixteen different types of butterflies.

  • Sale! Music Preschool Pack American English Montessori Nature Printable

    Music Preschool Pack – “I am a Musician”

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    Learning activity pack for preschool children aged 3-5 that perfectly complements the musical handbells.

  • Sale! summer pack

    Summer Pack Montessori Inspired Hands-On Activities

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    Summertime in nature presents plenty of opportunities for explorations and learning. This pack will provide your students with hours of Summer themed engaging activities that will assist them in developing fine motor skills, number recognition, reading, logical thinking.
    80+ pages

  • shapes in nature

    2D Shapes in Nature

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    Engage your students with this fun and educational 2D Shapes in Nature matching activity and handwriting sheets printable! Perfect for early learners, this product includes a work mat with 12 cards featuring various 2D shapes found in nature such as circles, rectangles, triangles, and more. The accompanying 12 picture cards feature beautiful photographs for students to match with the corresponding shape.
    This printable also includes student printouts with both print and cursive tracing fonts, as well as blank spaces for coloring, tracing, and practicing handwriting. Help your students strengthen their shape recognition skills while also improving their handwriting in a meaningful and engaging way. With vibrant photographs and interactive activities, this 2D Shapes in Nature printable is sure to be a hit in your classroom.

  • Montessori Leaf Shapes 3 Part Cards Blackline Student Worksheets for preschoolers in the classroom.

    Leaf Shapes 3 Part Cards Blackline Student Worksheets

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    Enhance your classroom learning with these vibrant Leaf Shapes 3-part card activities and handwriting sheets! This printable resource includes both clipart images and photographs of 14 different leaf shapes to engage your students. Choose between the 3-part cards, definition cards, and student booklet for independent practice, or the learning mats with description cards for hands-on learning. With options for print, cursive tracing fonts, and coloring, this resource is perfect for reinforcing shape recognition and handwriting skills.

  • All About Gemstones 3 Part Cards Posters worksheet for the Nature Curriculum in Cards.

    Animal Covering Scales Fur Feathers Sort

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    This Zoology activity set is perfect for teaching young learners about different types of animal coverings in a fun and interactive way. Whether you are a preschool teacher, kindergarten teacher, or homeschooling parent, this printable will be a valuable addition to your curriculum. The sorting activity mats and picture cards help students to visually understand the differences between scales, fur, and feathers, while the handwriting sheets aid in developing fine motor skills and reinforcing learning.

  • The All About Gemstones 3 Part Cards Posters are shown in purple and purple. Get an immersive experience with these vibrant worksheets that explore everything about gemstones. Our nature curriculum in cards covers a wide range of topics.

    Colors in Nature

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    Enhance your students’ color recognition and handwriting skills with this engaging Colors in Nature matching activity and handwriting sheets printable. This resource features stunning photographs to captivate young learners.
    The Colors in Nature Printable includes 2 work mats with 6 different colors on each, 12 picture cards, and student printouts with print, cursive tracing fonts, and blank spaces for coloring and practicing handwriting.
    This versatile resource caters to both British and American spelling variations, making it suitable for a wide range of classrooms. Perfect for preschool and kindergarten, this printable offers a fun and educational way to reinforce color identification and improve handwriting.

  • Colors in Nature Sorting Cards Coloring Pages

    Colors in Nature

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    This Montessori-inspired printable is perfect for preschool teachers looking to enhance their students’ learning of colors using stunning photographs of nature. With 55 photographs and 11 label cards, children will be engaged as they develop their visual discrimination skills. The included coloring pages and vocabulary list add extra value to this resource, perfect for Earth Day activities. Ideal for Sensorial and Language development, this printable is a helpful addition to a early learning classroom for incorporating nature into their color learning curriculum.

  • patterns in nature

    Patterns in Nature

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    Patterns in Nature cards for sorting 10 different categories of patterns found in nature: clouds, water, plants, animals, reflections, landscapes, corals, ice and snow, rocks, and trees.

  • Christmas Themed Knobless Cylinder Extensions

    Christmas Themed Knobless Cylinder Extensions

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    Montessori Christmas themed knobless cylinder extension cards provide children with an opportunity to engage in hands-on learning while developing their fine motor skills, shape recognition, spatial awareness, and problem-solving abilities. These cards offer a festive and fun way for children to explore and manipulate the wooden cylinders, promoting their cognitive and sensory development. Additionally, the Christmas theme adds excitement and cultural relevance to the learning experience, fostering a sense of joy and curiosity in children as they explore different shapes and patterns.

  • our amazing human body printable

    Our Amazing Human Body Parts Of The Body Cards

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    These human body engaging learning activities for Pre-K and Preschool students were designed to help broaden children’s vocabulary, improve fine motor skills, and improve sequencing skills. The pack would be a helpful addition to the All About Me back to school activities and when studying parts of the body and five senses.

  • baby prints

    Cards for Low-Hanging Wall Art for Babies

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    These watercolor art cards are perfect for teachers, parents, and caregivers looking to engage babies and young children in an artistic and educational way. The vibrant colors and realistic designs will captivate little ones and provide endless opportunities for learning and play.
    Print out these unique cards and watch as your child’s imagination and creativity soar while they explore the world of nature. These cards are a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of ways to enhance early childhood development. With these beautifully designed cards, you can create a sensory-rich environment that will engage young minds and promote sensory exploration.

  • summer pack For Toddlers

    Summer Printable Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

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    Packed with fun and educational activities, this Summer resource is perfect for teachers, homeschoolers, and parents looking to keep their little ones entertained while working on important skills. The variety of activities included in this pack address a range of skills such as fine motor, classification, counting, color recognition, and early learning language skills. From summer vocabulary cards to size sorting activities, there is something for every young learner in this pack.With color cards, handwriting practice sheets, DIY puzzles, and more, this pack will help your students develop critical skills in a fun and engaging way. Perfect for summer day camps and homeschoolers, this printable pack is sure to be a hit with your little ones.

  • Behavior Management and Self Regulation Task Cards

    Behavior Management and Self Regulation Task Cards

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    These Calm-Down Cards are perfect for teachers, counselors, and parents looking to help children develop healthy coping mechanisms. With a variety of strategies such as deep breathing, visualization, and positive self-talk, these cards provide a constructive way for children to navigate difficult emotions.
    Printable in two convenient sizes, these cards can be easily implemented in the classroom, at home, or in counseling sessions. Simply print, laminate for durability, and keep handy for when moments of anger or frustration arise.

  • Educational materials for children with vision impairment including printables and activities.

    Educational Materials For Children With Vision Impairment

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    This resource is perfect for special education teachers looking to engage children with vision impairments in hands-on activities. The pack includes over 100 pages of printables and activities such as cutting/tracing, pin poking, animal matching/memory games, Matryoshka sorting/matching games, and more. The large, clear pictures with contrasting colors make it easy for children with additional needs to participate. These activities can also be done on a light table for added visual interest. Help create enjoyable learning opportunities for your students with this resource today.

  • musical instruments printable

    Musical Instruments

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    These musical instrument cards are the perfect complement to your Safari Ltd Musical Instruments TOOB toys. With cards featuring families of musical instruments and keyboard instruments for sorting, along with a student self-check page, these cards make learning about musical instruments fun and engaging. Your students will also love using the My Book of Families of Musical Instruments and Keyboard Instruments for practicing writing and coloring in. Enhance your music lessons with these educational and interactive cards today! Perfect for elementary music teachers and homeschoolers.

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