Educational Materials For Children With Vision Impairment


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This resource contains hands-on activities for special education.


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Working with children with vision impairment is a very rewarding experience. These printables and activities are made for children with additional needs. I drew my inspiration from times when I had the privilege of working with a child who had a vision impairment. I hope these will assist in creating enjoyable learning opportunities for the children you work with.
This pack contains over 100 pages with large, clear pictures with contrasting colors, plus activities that can be done on a light table.

Here is what’s included:

  • Cutting/tracing and pin poking activity
  • Animal matching/ memory game
  • Matryoshka sorting and matching game
  • Activities that can be done on a light table
  • Shape matching/memory game
  • Silhouette matching game
  • Black and white, 
    black/white/red pictures


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