Educational Materials For Children With Vision Impairment


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This resource is perfect for special education teachers looking to engage children with vision impairments in hands-on activities. The pack includes over 100 pages of printables and activities such as cutting/tracing, pin poking, animal matching/memory games, Matryoshka sorting/matching games, and more. The large, clear pictures with contrasting colors make it easy for children with additional needs to participate. These activities can also be done on a light table for added visual interest. Help create enjoyable learning opportunities for your students with this resource today.


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Here is what’s included:

  • Cutting/tracing and pin poking activity
  • Animal matching/ memory game
  • Matryoshka sorting and matching game
  • Activities that can be done on a light table
  • Shape matching/memory game
  • Silhouette matching game
  • Black and white, 
    black/white/red pictures

The hands-on activities for special education can be used in the classroom to provide tactile learning experiences for children with visual impairments. Teachers can use the cutting/tracing and pin poking activity to help students develop fine motor skills and practice following directions. The animal matching/memory game can be used to improve memory and cognitive skills. The Matryoshka sorting and matching game can help students learn about sizes and sequencing.

The activities that can be done on a light table provide a unique sensory experience for students with visual impairments, allowing them to explore colors and shapes in a different way. The shape matching/memory game can help students with visual impairments learn about different shapes and sizes. The silhouette matching game can be used to improve spatial awareness and visual discrimination skills.

The black and white, black/white/red pictures can be used for students with low vision to differentiate between colors and patterns. Overall, these hands-on activities can provide engaging and accessible learning opportunities for children with additional needs in the classroom.


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