Fall Preschool Activity Pack


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Are you looking for fun and educational activities for your Pre-K students this fall? This pack is filled with interactive printable activities that will keep your little ones engaged and learning. From practicing reading and sight word recognition to honing fine motor skills through cutting and coloring, these activities cover a wide range of developmental areas. Perfect for Montessori and early childhood classrooms, these activities are designed to help children expand their vocabulary, improve their concentration, and get active in nature. With a focus on classification, counting, and discrimination skills, this pack is sure to be a hit with your students.

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  • photo cards for sorting colors
  • fall vocabulary photo cards (American and British versions)
  • fall shapes match-up activity
  • cards for practicing counting 0 -5
  • size sorting
  • puzzles
  • do-a-dot worksheets
  • puzzles for coloring in
  • handwriting practice
  • living/non-living cards for sorting
  • matryoshka doll strips for cutting.

38 pages

This engaging pack of fall-themed printable activities is a versatile resource for teachers of children aged 3-5. It can be used in various ways in the classroom to enhance student learning and development. Here are some suggested uses:

Literacy Center: Incorporate the fall vocabulary photo cards into a literacy center for students to practice word recognition and expand their vocabulary. The handwriting practice sheets can also be included for students to work on letter formation and sight word practice.

Math Center: Utilize the cards for practicing counting 0-5 and the fall shapes match-up activity in a math center to reinforce counting skills and shape recognition. The size sorting activity can also be used to introduce concepts of size comparison.

Fine Motor Skills Station: Set up a station with the puzzles, do-a-dot worksheets, and matryoshka doll strips for cutting to help students improve their fine motor skills. These activities are great for developing hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

 Science Lesson: Use the living/non-living cards for sorting as a hands-on science activity to teach students about characteristics of living things. This can help them develop critical thinking skills and learn to classify objects based on specific attributes.

Quiet Time Activities: The puzzles for coloring in and engaging quiet activities can be used during quiet time or as independent work for students. These activities promote concentration and focus while allowing students to work quietly and independently.

This pack of activities offers a wide range of resources to support student development in various areas and can be integrated into different parts of the curriculum to create engaging learning experiences for young learners.


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