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Enhance your Spring and Summer units with these comprehensive butterfly printables, perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and Grade 1 students. These resources cover a wide range of topics including the butterfly life cycle, parts of a butterfly, butterfly characteristics, and types of butterflies from around the world. The three-part cards match the Safari Ltd Butterflies TOOB and Safari Ltd Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly, making learning about these beautiful insects even more interactive. The set also includes sorting activities, matching activities, cutting practice sheets, and even stunning paintings featuring butterflies for an art appreciation lesson.


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The printable contains cards that complement  Safari Ltd Butterflies TOOB and Safari Ltd Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly

These printables are not only educational but also fun and interactive, making them ideal for hands-on learning in the classroom or at home. Whether you’re teaching about nature, science, or simply looking to incorporate more insect-related content into your curriculum, these butterfly resources are the perfect addition to your teaching toolkit.

Here is what’s included:

Butterfly life cycle diagram
Butterfly life cycle 3 part cards
Butterfly life cycle coloring, cutting, and pasting worksheet (color and blackline)
Butterfly life cycle tracing strips
Butterfly life cycle information cards
Parts of a Butterfly diagram
Parts of a Butterfly diagram minus labels
Parts of a Butterfly labels
Parts of a Butterfly information cards
Parts of a Butterfly tracing & independent writing worksheet
Parts of a Butterfly student booklet (independent writing)
Types of Butterflies 3 part cards
Types of Butterflies information cards
Butterfly characteristics color poster
Butterfly characteristics black line poster
Butterfly characteristics mat
Butterfly characteristics color cards
Butterfly characteristics tracing and coloring student booklet
Butterfly characteristics student booklet
Butterfly information poster
My Book About Butterflies
Butterfly Food vs. Predators sorting cards
Butterfly anatomy diagram adjective activity 🦋
Eggs, butterfly, caterpillar, chrysalis cards – sorting activity for pre-k students
Butterflies of the continents – sorting activity. Labels and posters are included
Close-up cards – matching activity featuring photos of gorgeous butterfly patterns
Metamorphosis cards – beautiful display cards and activity cards feature four butterflies. Can be used with hook and loop dots.
Cutting print out – four different shapes of butterflies for cutting activity
Butterflies in Art – twelve stunning paintings featuring butterflies. Create a book for children to look at or print twice for matching activity for pre-k students.
Cutting Strips – cutting practice for pre-k and kindergarten students.

88 pages.

Integrating Butterfly Montessori Printables into the classroom for preschool, kindergarten, and Grade 1 students offers a multitude of benefits. These resources, including 3-part cards, information cards, student booklets, sorting cards, and diagrams, provide hands-on and visual learning experiences that cater to diverse learning styles. Students engage with the material in a tactile manner, enhancing retention and understanding of concepts such as the butterfly life cycle, anatomy, types of butterflies, and characteristics. By utilizing sorting cards and diagrams, students develop critical thinking skills and vocabulary acquisition, while also fostering a deeper connection to the natural world through the exploration of butterfly diversity. Classroom decor elements like posters further enhance the learning environment, creating a rich and immersive educational experience that integrates seamlessly across subjects and encourages a sense of wonder and curiosity among young learners. These printables truly provide a comprehensive and engaging resource for educators to enrich their curriculum and inspire a love of learning in their students.


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