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Collection of butterfly themed printable hands-on activities. This resource would be a helpful addition to learning activities in the Montessori classroom. The pack contains cards, posters, student booklets, coloring pages and features real photos and true-to-life images. Some cards were made to match figurine toys. Pre-reading, reading, fine-motor, writing, sequencing, vocabulary.
An addition to Spring Unit, Reading, Science, Arts.
50+ pages
Age: 3-5


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Butterfly Montessori Unit for children aged 3-5.
Hands-on activities, three-part- cards, nature table posters, coloring pages, student booklets.
Three-part cards match  Safari Ltd Butterflies TOOB and Safari Ltd Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly
Life Cycle – three-part cards, poster, coloring pages – features photos
Parts of the Butterfly – three-part cards, student booklet (cursive and print handwriting practice, plus blank version) – features clipart
Types of Butterflies – three-part cards plus a definition card. Butterfly species featured in the set: green swallowtail, red glider, orange-barred sulphur, Evenus regalis, white angled sulphur, Anaea clytemnestra, Papilio garleppi, Morpho menelaus, black swallowtail, cabbage white, red admiral, spring azure, mourning cloak, monarch, Cairns birdwing, common eggfly, owl butterfly.
Butterfly, caterpillar, chrysalis cards  – sorting activity for pre-k students
Butterflies of the continents – sorting activity. Labels and posters are included
Close-up cards – matching activity featuring photos of gorgeous butterfly patterns
Metamorphosis cards – beautiful display cards and activity cards feature four butterflies. Can be used with hook and loop dots.
Pin Poking print out – four different shapes of butterflies for pin poking activity
Butterflies in Art – twelve stunning paintings featuring butterflies. Create a book for children to look at or print twice for matching activity for pre-k students.
Cutting Strips – cutting practice for pre-k and kindergarten students


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