Animals of the Seven Continents – Nomenclature and Information Cards


Please, note that this is a Bundle of the seven printables which are also available individually.
Common mammals, birds, and arthropods found across all seven continents – 3 Part Montessori Nomenclature Cards and Information Cards

250+  pages
most exciting, colorful, and fascinating creatures of the continent
a perfect addition of the continent boxes and continent study
This bundle of 7 printables contains Animals of the Continents Series – color-coded clear, informative Montessori materials for Montessori continent study. This series contains information about mammals, birds, and arthropods found across the world and includes the most fascinating creatures that inhabit our planet.

Each set consists of 3-Part cards including photos of animals and 45 information cards. Each information card provides details about animal habitat and diet, plus one interesting fact.

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