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Preschool Homeschool & Classroom Support Membership includes access to our Extended Resource Library. It allows you to save time and download printables with one click (you don’t have to enter your email to download each freebie). There are no ads and the latest printables are quick and easy to get. Members can search for resource library downloads they are after and purchase printables from the store with a 20% discount. From September – May get access to the monthly prefilled activity planner with corresponding printables from the shop.

membership 2023 (2)

What others are saying..

“Many Montessori methods are not new to me but what is new is creating a flow of activities that build on skills; breaking down activities to the simplest steps, that are the perfect level for preschool ages. This is a great resource! You can use it as a starting point or just use as is. I have a four year and two year who are obviously at different levels. The great (and easy) thing about this package is that you can use the SAME set of material for each child using the variations based on their level. This has been good for our family to create some flow as we “official” start our little homeschool”.
~ Genevieve

“We have really enjoyed the Activity Planner for my son who is almost 5. It gives us daily structure and so many activities. We do so much hands on learning already but this really helps us get creative with new games and activities. One of my favorite things is that some of the things like a nature hunt or the dice activities, we do as a family and include my other two children. It really becomes a family activity. We can pick and choose what we feel works best for our schedule and lifestyle, but there are endless choices. I have already recommended this program for several friends! Wonderful work!“.
~ Ola

“We joined Montessori Nature because I felt overwhelmed with trying to plan what I wanted my son’s school curriculum to look like. I knew with the worldwide pandemic that sending him to school wasn’t an option for our family right now. This program gave me peace of mind knowing that planning activities out would be one less thing I would have to worry about in my already very busy schedule. My son looks forward to finding his daily activities on his shelf each day and is challenged just enough that I see him flourishing while also not feeling too frustrated. The lesson themes fit his interests which is also important to our family. Thank you so much for this program!”.
~ Amanda

Frequently Asked Questions

★ What is included in the monthly membership?

One-click access to all downloads in an extended library of resources that contain our free and membership printables.
New PAID printables for the first 48 hours.
Homeschool Simplified Guide ( $25 value)
Cursive printables.
Monthly prefilled planners & corresponding printables ($50 value).
A 20% discount on all paid printables.

★ What’s the difference between monthly membership and lifetime access?

Lifetime access allows members to download Prefilled Planner materials from month one to the current month (value – $400).

★ How many weeks of the prefilled planner do you have available?

There are 8 monthly planners each containing 4 weeks (32 in total) and December-themed printables.

★ Which units do you cover in the planner?

August & September: Dinosaurs & Space
October: Wild Animals & Food
November: Human Body & Music
December: Winter printables (Animals Behavior Sorting Cards, Winter Preschool Activities, Christmas Busy Book, Counting 0 – 10)
January: Sports & Earth
February: The Arctic and Antarctica & Compassion and Peace
March: North America and Crawling Creatures
April: Asia and Botany
May: Africa and Ocean
June & July: Summer printables

★ Does the monthly and lifetime access mean I’m able to download anything from the library and the website?

No. Aside from being able to download printables from the Extended Resource Library which contains free and membership printables, members also get access to the Prefilled Planners and materials. Additionally, members get new printables for free for the first 48 hours.

Level Price  
Preschool Homeschool & Classroom Support Monthly Subscription $10.00 per Month. Select
Preschool Homeschool & Classroom Support Lifetime Access $97.00 now. Select

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