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  • Polite manners 3 part cards tracing coloring student booklet montessori nature printables definitions

    Polite Manners in the Classroom 3 Part Cards Definitions Coloring Tracing

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    This printable with Polite Manners in a Classroom cards is designed to help pre-k, kindergarten, and Grade 1 students develop polite manners in the classroom through engaging and interactive activities. The Montessori Grace and Courtesy 3 part cards provide a fun and educational way for children to learn and understand important social skills.

  • Indigenous Australia Matching Tracing Colouring preview montessori nature printable fine motor cultural activities

    Indigenous Australia Matching Colouring Tracing

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    This Indigenous Australia match-up resource is great for young students and preschool children aged 2.5 – 5. This cultural printable contains true-to-life images for matching work.

  • The Types of Butterflies - Color Identification Clip Cards are shown on color identification clip cards.

    Types of Butterflies – Color Identification Clip Cards

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    Clip cards with sixteen different types of butterflies.

  • Insects and crawling creatures cards

    Insects and Crawling Creatures – Fine Motor, Cutting, Pin Poking, Coloring

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    Insects and Crawling Creatures fine motor learning activities are a perfect addition to Spring and Summer Units. Children often get fascinated with little bugs and insects they can spot every day outdoors during the warm spring and summer seasons. This brings a perfect opportunity to engage their little fingers to develop fine motor and exercise finger muscles.

  • Compassion and Peace Preschool Pack Montessori Nature (7)

    Compassion and Peace Preschool Pack Valentine’s Day

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    Compassion and Peace learning activity pack for preschool children aged 3-6. This Kindness, Peace, and Valentine’s day themed activity pack contains printables to create a wide range of hands-on experiences for young children.

  • Watercolor Calendar Mobile Montessori Nature

    Children’s Watercolour Calendar Mobile With Moon Phases

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    Enhance your classroom with this beautiful Watercolour Calendar Mobile featuring Sun, Earth, Moon, and more. Perfect for Montessori and Nature-inspired learning, this printable PDF includes Year, Date, Day, Month, Season, Weather, and Moon Phases. The watercolour clipart adds a charming touch, making it visually appealing for children. Suitable for both Northern and Southern Hemispheres, an editable version is included for easy translation into different languages. Elevate your calendar morning routine with this lovely addition to your classroom that will captivate students and aid in their learning experience.

  • Daily and Weekly Editable Practical Life Chore Charts for toddlers and preschoolers.

    Daily and Weekly Editable Practical Life Chore Charts

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    Are you looking for a fun and interactive way to teach your child or students about responsibility and practical life skills? With fifty-six visual and thirty-six non-visual chore cards, blank rounds for drawing or typing chores, and three different chore board designs to choose from, this Daily and Weekly Editable Practical Life Chore Chart printable has everything you need to create a customized chore chart for children of different ages. Simply print the chore board that best suits your needs, invite your child to add additional chores, laminate and cut out the chore cards, and attach them to a metal tray or bulletin board using sticky magnet strips, hook and loop dots, or tack. Then, let your child choose which chores they would like to do each day and decide when to complete them.

  • Food and Nutrition Pack Montessori Nature Printable

    Food and Nutrition Activities

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    This comprehensive Food and Nutrition pack is perfect for teachers looking to educate their students about the importance of healthy eating and where our food comes from. The Montessori-inspired 3-part cards and sorting activities are designed to engage children and help them learn about different food groups, vitamins, and the origins of our food. Included in this pack are Nutritional Facts cards featuring foods and their corresponding vitamins, a sorting activity for classifying “Sometimes” and “Everyday” foods, and cards introducing children to whole foods. Additionally, there are sorting activities for plants we eat, cards showcasing different animals and the food they provide, and examples of food growing in its natural habitat.

    Download preview file here: Food and Nutrition Montessori Nature preview.

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