Daily and Weekly Editable Practical Life Chore Charts


ūüď© Digital download

Chore Charts for children of different ages
Fifty-six visual and thirty-six non-visual chore cards
Blank rounds and editable blank chore cards to add your chores to the list
Different chore board designs to choose from


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19 pages.


Choose a chore board from the printable that suits you best.

Print. Invite your child to draw additional chores to suit your individual home chore list or type additional chores on the computer before printing in the PowerPoint file.

Laminate and cut out chore cards.

Attach sticky magnet¬†strips to the back of the chore cards and glue your chore list on a¬†9″ x 13″¬†metal tray.¬†

Alternatively, use hook and loop dots, pin to a cork bulletin board or use with multi-purpose tack.

Invite your child to choose which chores he or she would like to do during the day or discuss together what has to be done.

Allow him or her to decide when they prefer to complete the tasks.

Please note that chore card images do not have descriptions, so it is up to you and your child to interpret them in a way that makes sense for you in your household or classroom.

The printable is suitable for children aged 2-12.


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