Morning and Afternoon Visual Home Routine Cards


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Daily schedule/routine activity cards with common tasks young children do in the morning and afternoon. Help your young learners gain essential life skills with these visual routine cards.
Visual daily routine cards are important for children because they provide structure and routine in their daily lives, which is essential for their development.

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Children thrive on predictability and consistency, and having visual cues helps them understand what they need to do next.
Additionally, these cards can help reduce stress and anxiety that may arise from uncertainty or unfamiliarity. By using visual daily routine cards, children can learn time management skills, independence, and responsibility, which will benefit them throughout their lives. Overall, visual daily routine cards provide a reliable framework for children to follow and help establish positive habits and routines.
Visual routine cards are a helpful tool to help children transition smoothly throughout their day. It is a great self-regulation tool that will help children foster independence and take responsibility to complete their daily tasks.

Visual daily routine cards for children can be used in several fun ways, such as:

Matching game: Lay out the cards and ask your child to match the picture with the activity.
Scavenger hunt: Hide the cards around the house and ask your child to find them in the correct order to complete their routine.
Role-playing: Act out the routine with your child using the cards as prompts.
Sorting activity: Ask your child to sort the cards into morning, afternoon, and evening routines.
Memory game: Flip the cards over and play a memory game with your child to help them remember their routine.
Picture journal: Take a picture of your child completing each activity in their routine, then attach the corresponding card to the photo and create a visual journal.

Here is what’s included:

30 x daily schedule/routine activity cards  for morning and afternoon
PowerPoint file with black cards to create your own visual activity cards

The printable is suitable for children aged 3-5.


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