20 Character Building Cards


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This resource is designed to incorporate the 6 pillars of peaceful character: respect, caring, fairness, responsibility, trustworthiness, citizenship.


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You may like to use these cards as conversation starters or display them on the wall as gentle reminders for thestudents. These would be great for a small group social-emotional activity, for large group discussions, or for students to use individually during quiet time.
 Strenth of character often determines life success of the students. Children need great examples and lots and lots of practice in order to build a strong character. These cards have a purpose to assist children and remind them what it takes to be a great friend, son or daughter, student, and a person people enjoy being around.
These Character Building Cards can find many uses:
Character Development
Peace Curriculum
Grace and Courtesy
Social – Emotional Curriculum
I recommend binding them into a book with a binding ring.


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