Place Value Cards and Mats


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Place Value Cards for Lower-Elementary Students

Fifty Interesting Facts based on Science, Art, Music, History and Geography scope and sequence content

50 sets of matchup cards and 50 mats for place value composition cards

Grades 1-3


Learning Area: Subjects and Types of Resources: ,
  • 100 pages
  • page with instructions is included

Place Value Cards and Mats with Interesting Facts contains 50 place value matching sets and 50 place value mats with interesting facts in Geography, Science, Music, Art, and History. Students can learn fascinating facts and practice memorizing dates and numbers associated with different subjects in a fun and engaging way. It also combines building student’s comprehension skills and encourages them to conduct further research based on the facts that they’ve learned.

All facts are based on Montessori Scope and Sequence.

This is a great option for children who are more advanced and get their job done ahead of others. Offer this activity as an additional challenge.



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