Place Value Cards and Interesting Facts Math Task Cards


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Are you looking for a fun and educational way to teach place value to your lower-elementary students? This printable Place Value Cards and Interesting Facts Math Task Cards set is perfect for reinforcing math skills while also introducing fascinating facts in Science, Art, Music, History, and Geography. With 50 sets of match-up cards and 50 mats for place value composition cards, your students will have plenty of opportunities to practice numbers and dates while also learning new information about a variety of subjects. The cards are based on Montessori Scope and Sequence to ensure quality content that will enhance your students’ learning experience.

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Challenge your more advanced students by offering this activity as an additional challenge. They will love the combination of math and interesting facts, and you will love the engagement and learning that takes place.

Here is what’s included:
Fifty Interesting Facts based on Science, Art, Music, History and Geography scope and sequence content
50 sets of match-up cards and 50 mats for place value composition cards

This printable can support students’ learning in the classroom by providing a fun and engaging way for students to practice their place value skills while also learning interesting facts in various subjects. By combining math with other subjects like geography, science, music, art, and history, students can see the real-world application of their math skills and make connections between different subject areas. Additionally, the activity can help improve students’ comprehension skills and encourage them to conduct further research on topics that interest them. This printable can be used as an enrichment activity for students who finish their work early, providing them with a challenge that is both educational and enjoyable. The facts are based on Montessori Scope and Sequence, ensuring that they align with established educational standards.


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