Winter Fall Summer Spring A Year-Round Bundle

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Get ready to elevate your preschool and kindergarten classroom with this comprehensive set of seasonal printables! Designed specifically for mixed-age classrooms, this resource is packed with a variety of activities that cater to different learning areas, including geography, math, language, and fine motor skills.

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This bundle contains 4 packs with hands-on activities:

Winter Pack – Montessori Inspired Hands-on Activities

Spring Pack Montessori Inspired Hands-On Activities

Summer Pack Montessori Inspired Hands-On Activities

Autumn Pack Montessori Inspired Hands-On Activities

What’s Included:

* Seasonal Focus:** Explore the four seasons through interactive activities and projects that promote cultural awareness and geographical understanding.
* Math and One-to-One Correspondence:** Develop your students’ counting skills with our 1-20 counting activities and practice one-to-one correspondence with our counting cards.
* Language and Literacy:** Enhance phonemic awareness and reading skills with our initial sound identification activities, sight word recognition exercises, and handwriting practice sheets.
* Classification and Sorting:** Challenge your students’ critical thinking skills with our color sorting cards, five senses sorting activities, and three-part cards.
* Fine Motor Practice:** Develop your students’ hand-eye coordination and dexterity with our lacing cards, parts of cards, and I Spy activities.
* Science and Exploration:** Engage your students in hands-on science activities that promote curiosity and exploration.

Ideal for:
* Montessori teachers in mixed-age classrooms (3-6)
* Teachers seeking to incorporate seasonal learning into their curriculum
* Parents looking for fun and engaging learning activities to supplement their child’s education



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