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Are you looking for a fun and educational hands-on activity for your preschool and kindergarten students? This Seasons in Nature sorting activity can be a helpful addition to your geography lesson plans. With vibrant photographs, this printable includes 4 work mats for sorting and 24 picture cards (6 for each season) to engage young learners. Teach your students about the changing seasons and Earth’s rotation with the included Sun and Earth rotation poster that can be placed in the middle of the sorting mats. This activity also comes in both British and American versions to accommodate different spelling preferences.Enhance your early learning curriculum with this interactive Seasons in Nature Printable – a must-have resource for teachers looking to make learning about the world around us fun and engaging.

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Here is what’s included:
4 work mats for sorting
24 picture cards for sorting (6 for each of the seasons)
Sun and Earth rotation poster to place in the middle
British and American versions
This printable can support students’ learning by helping them understand the concept of seasons in a hands-on and visual way. It can be used in the classroom by having students categorize the picture cards by the season they represent onto the corresponding work mats. This activity can help students recognize and differentiate between the characteristics of each season, such as weather, clothing, and activities. The Sun and Earth rotation poster can also aid in explaining why we experience different seasons throughout the year. This printable can engage students in active learning and help them develop their understanding of geography and the natural world.
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