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This engaging hands-on activity is the perfect Montessori resource for teaching preschool and kindergarten students about the parts of a tree. The Parts of the Tree Printable includes a work mat, 5 information cards, 5 picture cards, 5 label cards, and student printouts for practicing handwriting. This interactive lesson will help students gain a deeper understanding of trees and their components.


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Here is what’s included:
work mat
5 information cards
5 picture and 5 label cards
student printouts

This printable can support students’ learning by providing a hands-on activity that allows them to visually explore the different parts of a tree. The work mat and information cards can help students understand the various components of a tree, such as roots, trunk, branches, leaves, and fruits. The picture and label cards can also help reinforce vocabulary and concepts related to trees.

In the classroom, this printable can be used as a center activity where students can work independently or in small groups to match the picture and label cards, arrange the information cards on the work mat, and practice handwriting with the student printouts. Teachers can also use this printable during circle time to introduce the parts of a tree and engage students in discussions about the importance of trees in our environment.


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