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This Zoology activity set is perfect for teaching young learners about different types of animal coverings in a fun and interactive way. Whether you are a preschool teacher, kindergarten teacher, or homeschooling parent, this printable will be a valuable addition to your curriculum. The sorting activity mats and picture cards help students to visually understand the differences between scales, fur, and feathers, while the handwriting sheets aid in developing fine motor skills and reinforcing learning.

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Here is what’s included:
3 work learning mats for sorting – scales, fur and feathers
18 picture cards for sorting
student printouts with print, cursive tracing fonts, and picture labeled for coloring and practicing handwriting

This printable can support students’ learning by providing them with a hands-on activity that allows them to explore and categorize different types of animal coverings. The sorting activity can help students develop their understanding of the characteristics of each type of covering (scales, fur, feathers) and practice sorting and classifying objects. The handwriting sheets also provide an opportunity for students to practice their fine motor skills and handwriting while reinforcing the vocabulary related to animal coverings.

The use of real photographs in the printable can help students make real-world connections to the concepts being taught and enhance their understanding of different types of animal coverings. The recommendations for laminating and storing the materials can help ensure the durability of the resources for repeated use in the classroom.

This printable can support students’ learning by providing them with a engaging and interactive activity that reinforces key concepts in zoology while also supporting their fine motor and handwriting skills.
The printable is suitable for children aged 3-5.


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