Living Non-Living Sort Student Cut and Paste Activity


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Help your preschool and kindergarten students learn about living and non-living things in nature with this fun and engaging sorting activity. This printable includes 2 learning mats, 12 picture cards of items from nature, and student printouts for handwriting practice. The photographs included in the printable will keep students actively engaged as they complete the activity. Perfect for science lessons, this activity is a great way to reinforce important concepts in a hands-on way.

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This printable can support students’ learning by helping them understand the concept of living and non-living things in nature. The visual aid of the photographs allows for easy recognition and categorization of items.

In the classroom, educators can provide each student with a learning mat (living and non-living) and the picture cards. Students can then sort the picture cards onto the appropriate mat, discussing and justifying their choices as they go. This hands-on activity engages students in critical thinking and encourages them to think about the characteristics of living organisms.

The handwriting sheets included in the printable can also support students in practicing their fine motor skills as they trace and write out the words for each category (living and non-living).

This printable provides a fun and interactive way for preschool and kindergarten students to learn about living and non-living things in nature.

Here is what’s included:
2 learning mats – living and non-living.
12 picture cards for sorting.
student printouts with the black and white line.


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