Biomes of the World Animals Student Research Forms


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Perfect for First and Second Great Lesson materials, this resource includes everything you need to introduce and dive deep into eight major world biomes. From tundra to ocean, students will enjoy learning with engaging 3-part cards, definition cards, animal habitat sorting activities, biome research forms, and student booklets. With colorful maps, informative posters, and hands-on sorting activities, this resource is guaranteed to keep your students engaged and excited to learn about our planet’s diverse ecosystems.

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Here is what’s included:
map of the World’s Biomes
information poster What is a biome?
work mats with eight major biomes (tundra, taiga, rainforest, desert, wetland, grassland, deciduous forest, ocean)
corresponding picture and label cards
two work mats with descriptions
Types of biomes – student book (independent writing, cursive and print labels)
Biome research printouts
Biomes – sorting activity (three photographs for each of the eight biomes)
Animal habitats – sorting activity (5 animal clipart cards of each of the six biomes) and student printout for self-check
My Animal Habitat Book printout
The printable features photographic images and a clipart (as a part of student worksheets).

This printable resource would support students’ learning by providing them with visual representations of different world biomes. The 3-part cards and definition cards can help students familiarize themselves with the characteristics of each biome, while the animal habitat sorting activities can help them understand the relationship between animals and their habitats. The biome research forms and student booklets can encourage students to conduct independent research and create their own informational texts about different biomes.

In the classroom, teachers can use the map of the World’s Biomes and information poster to introduce the concept of biomes to students. They can then use the work mats, picture and label cards, and descriptions to engage students in hands-on activities exploring each biome. The sorting activities can be used as a group or individual activity to reinforce understanding of animal habitats within each biome. The student booklets and research printouts can be used for independent work or as part of a guided lesson. This printable resource can enhance students’ understanding of world biomes through visual aids and interactive activities.



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