45 Animals Of North America – Nomenclature and Information Cards


Animals of North America printable contains three sets of printables in one  – 15 common mammals, birds, and arthropods. Each set consists of 3-Part cards, including photos of animals and 15 information cards. Each information card provides details about animal habitat and diet, plus one interesting fact.

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Common mammals, birds, and arthropods found across North America – 3 Part Montessori Nomenclature Cards
45 x control cards
45 x picture cards
45 x label cards

45 Information Cards:
– the common name of the animal
– photograph of the animal
– habitat
– diet
– interesting fact

42 pages

Most exciting, colorful, and fascinating creatures of the continent, it is a perfect addition to the continent boxes and continent study

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North America Continent Bundle
Animals of the Continents Series

This printable is a part of Animals of the Continents Series  – color-coded clear, informative Montessori materials for Montessori continent study. This series contains information about mammals, birds, and arthropods found across the world and includes the most fascinating creatures that inhabit our planet. 

Animals included: 


velvet ant
Anna’s eighty-eight butterfly
tiger swallowtail caterpillar
bold jumping spider
roseate skimmer
cecropia moth
golden tortoise beetle
rainbow scarab beetle
convergent ladybug
walking stick
Fernald’s cuckoo bumblebee
tiger centipede
giant hairy scorpion
horse lubber grasshopper
robber fly


bald eagle
mourning dove
black-capped chickadee
northern cardinal
peregrine falcon
belted kingfisher
broad-billed hummingbird
blue jay
trumpeter swan
blue-winged warbler
pileated woodpecker
Atlantic puffin
snowy owl
Cuban trogon
blue-footed booby


striped skunk
grizzly bear
Arctic wolf
common opossum
American badger
Alaskan hare
North American beaver
black squirrel
mountain goat
bearded seal
bighorn sheep


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