15 Animals of Antarctica – Nomenclature and Information Cards


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This resource contains photographs of common animals found in Antarctica.

Here is what’s included:

  • 15 x control cards
  • 15 x picture cards
  • 15 x label cards
  • 15 information cards.

Animal cards include the following: common name of the animal, photograph of the animal, distribution, diet, interesting fact

14 pages

This resource is a perfect addition of the continent boxes and continent study.

Download Preview File Here!

NB This printable is a part of Animals of the Continents Series  – colourcoded clear materials for Montessori continent study. This series contains information about mammals, birds and arthropods found across the world and includes the most fascinating creatures that inhabit our planet. 

Animals presented in the set:

chinstrap penguin
emperor penguin
macaroni penguin
elephant seal
crabeater seal
leopard seal
Adélie penguin
Antarctic krill
Antarctic midge
king penguin
Antarctic shag
snow petrel
gentoo penguin
wandering albatross



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