45 Animals Of Asia – Nomenclature And Information Cards


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This resource presents most exciting, colorful, and fascinating creatures of the Asian continent. It is a perfect addition to the continent boxes and continent study.


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Here is what’s included:

  • 45 x control cards
  • 45 x picture cards
  • 45 x label cards
  • 45 x information cards

The information cards present the following: the common name of the animal, photograph of the animal, habitat, diet, one interesting fact.

42 pages

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NB This printable is also included in the Asia Learning Bundle and Animals of the Continents Series  – color-coded clear, informative materials for Montessori continent study. This series contains information about mammals, birds, and arthropods found across the world and includes the most fascinating creatures that inhabit our planet. 

Animals included:


atlas moth
bee fly
orchid mantis
Asian swallowtail butterfly
Chinese red-headed centipede
blue carpenter bee
predatory bush cricket
Asian giant hornet
Gray’s leaf insect
rufous grasshopper
tussock moth caterpillar
Asian forest scorpion
atlas beetle


Indian peafowl
rose-ringed parakeet
king quail
blue nuthatch
oriental darter
milky stork
Siamese fireback
black kite
temminck’s tragopan
sultan tit
bronze-winged jacana
oriental pratincole
blue-winged parakeet


giant panda
Bengal tiger
Asian black bear
Malayan tapir
red panda
Amur leopard
Asian elephant
Indian giant squirrel
Japanese macaque
Indian rhinoceros
Arabian oryx
Arctic fox
Daubenton’s bat
Bengal camel



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