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Dive into the world of sharks with these engaging and informative printable resources! Helpful to teachers looking to introduce their students to the fascinating world of marine life, this set includes control cards, label cards, cards with shark facts, and description cards for twelve different species of sharks. In addition to the main set, you’ll also receive a student book with blackline images for coloring and labeling practice in print, cursive, and independent writing. Plus, enjoy bonus materials such as an ovoviviparous shark life cycle poster, 3 part cards, coloring sheets, tracing strips, parts of the great white shark poster, labels, and tracing/independent writing activities.
These cards are designed to complement the Wild Republic Shark in Nature Tube, making them a perfect addition to any classroom studying marine biology.

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Here is what’s included:

  • 13 x control cards
  • 13 x label cards
  • 13 x cards with shark facts
  • 13 x description cards
  • Student book with blackline images (print, cursive and independent writing)

Ovoviviparous shark life cycle poster
Ovoviviparous shark life cycle 3 part cards
Ovoviviparous shark life cycle coloring, cutting, and pasting worksheet
Ovoviviparous shark life cycle tracing strips
Parts of the great white shark poster
Parts of the great white shark poster minus labels
Parts of the great white shark labels
Parts of the great white shark tracing & independent writing

This printable can support students’ learning in the classroom by providing them with engaging and interactive materials to explore the world of sharks. The control cards, label cards, and description cards can help students learn to identify different species of sharks and understand their characteristics. The shark facts cards can provide students with interesting information about each species, promoting further research and discussion.

The blackline images in the student book allow for a creative and hands-on activity where students can color and label their own shark drawings. This can help improve their fine motor skills and reinforce their understanding of the different parts of a shark.

The bonus materials, such as the ovoviviparous shark life cycle poster and activities, can expand students’ knowledge of shark biology and reproduction. The parts of the great white shark poster and labeling activities can help students learn about the anatomy of a specific shark species in more detail.

This printable provides a variety of resources to enhance students’ learning about sharks in a fun and interactive way. It caters to different learning styles and allows for independent exploration and creativity.

These cards are made to match Wild Republic Shark in Nature Tube.


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