Seven Natural Wonders Of The World 3 Part Cards Facts


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Liven up your geography lessons with this engaging printable resource focusing on the seven natural wonders of the world! This set includes Montessori 3-part nomenclature cards, information cards, and a map student activity page for comprehensive learning. Perfect for integrating into your Earth Day unit or Geography curriculum, these hands-on cards are designed to captivate and educate students about the wonders of the natural world.

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Here is what’s included:

  • Montessori 3-part nomenclature cards
  •  Information cards
  • Map student activity page (control map, activity map and map for coloring in)

12 pages

These cards can help students improve their geography knowledge and understanding of the world’s natural wonders. They can use the Montessori 3-part nomenclature cards to match the names of the natural wonders with their corresponding images, enhancing their vocabulary and visual recognition skills. The information cards provide students with key facts and details about each natural wonder, enabling them to deepen their understanding of the geographic features and significance of these locations. The map student activity page allows students to practice their map reading skills by locating and labeling the seven natural wonders on a map. This activity can help them develop their map literacy and spatial awareness. This printable can support students in expanding their geographical knowledge, cultural awareness, and appreciation for the natural world. It can also encourage students to be curious and engaged in exploring different parts of the world.


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