Parts of a Plant Life Cycle Needs of a Plant


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This printable is a must-have for your Spring and Summer Units! Help your students learn about the plant life cycle with engaging activities such as 3 part cards, description cards, and sequencing activities. Use the included Plant life cycle poster to reinforce concepts visually. Spark curiosity with flashcards detailing the needs of plants. Perfect for introducing botany and gardening in the classroom before planting seeds.


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3 part cards (5 sets – seeds, seedling, young plant, flower, fruit)
Description cards
Plant life cycle poster
Sequencing activity
Needs of plant flashcards
This printable pack is a versatile resource that can be used in various ways in the classroom during your Spring and Summer Units. Here are some ideas on how you can incorporate these activities:

Science Centers: Set up a science center dedicated to plants and use the 3 part cards, description cards, and Plant life cycle poster to help students learn about the different stages of a plant’s life cycle.

Whole Class Instruction: Use the sequencing activity to engage the whole class in a collaborative learning experience. Have students work together to put the plant life cycle stages in order.

Small Group Instruction: Utilize the Needs of plant flashcards for small group instruction. Have students discuss and brainstorm what plants need to grow and thrive.

Hands-on Learning: Before planting seeds in the classroom, introduce students to the plant life cycle using the activities included in this printable. This will help them understand the process of how seeds grow into plants.

Assessment: Use the activities in this printable pack as formative assessments to gauge students’ understanding of plant life cycles and the needs of plants.

This printable pack provides a hands-on and engaging way for students to learn about plants and is a valuable addition to your Spring and Summer Units.


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