Flowers Of The Continents 3 Part Cards


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Flowers of the Continents 3-Part Cards – Colorful Continent Folders Add-on
Explore the fascinating world of botany with these vibrant Flowers of the Continents 3-Part Cards! This printable is a great addition to your continent folders, perfect for geography, science, or language arts lessons.

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What’s Included:

* 36 Control Cards: Each card features a flower type and its corresponding continent (Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America)
* 36 Picture Cards: Beautiful, colorful illustrations of each flower type
* 36 Label Cards: Write the flower type and continent on each label to reinforce vocabulary and geography skills

Perfect for:

* Geography lessons on continents and countries
* Science lessons on botany and plant classification
* Language arts lessons on descriptive writing and vocabulary building
* Cross-curricular projects integrating science, social studies, and language arts


* Develops vocabulary and geography skills through visual recognition and labeling
* Encourages critical thinking and classification skills through flower identification
* Enhances creativity and descriptive writing skills through written labels

Best for:

* Primary and lower elementary school teachers (Grades K-1)
* * Homeschooling parents
* Students with special needs who benefit from visual aids and hands-on learning



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