Traditional Clothing Around the World 3-Part Cards


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Enhance your classroom theme with these multicultural engaging and educational 3-part cards featuring people from around the world in their traditional outfits. These cards include a world map with highlighted continents for added learning opportunities. With 30 control cards, 30 label cards, and 30 picture cards, this printable resource is perfect for teaching about different cultures and countries.
This comprehensive set is ideal for teachers looking to expand their students’ global awareness and appreciation for diversity. Perfect for homeschooling or classroom use.

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Here is what’s included:

  • Cards featuring people dressed in their traditional outfits and the world map with the corresponding continent highlighted
  • 30 x control cards
  • 30 x label cards
  • 30 x picture cards
  • My “People of the world” book with black and white pictures for colouring.

Countries included: England, France, Germany, Greece,  Norway, Romania, Scotland, Spain, Egypt, Kenya, Mauritius, Morocco, South Africa,  China, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, United States of America, Argentina, Canada, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Mexico, Peru, Australia, Fiji, Hawaii, Samoa.

Here are some ways this resource may support students’ learning:

Cultural Awareness: These 3-part cards can help students become more aware of the diversity of people around the world and the traditional clothing they wear. This can promote understanding and appreciation of different cultures.

Geography: The world map included in the printable can help students learn about different continents and countries. They can match the traditional outfits to the corresponding continent, helping them make connections between geography and culture.

Language Development: The label cards can help students learn the names of different countries and traditional clothing items in various languages. This can enhance their language skills and vocabulary.

Visual Discrimination: Matching the picture cards to the control cards can help students develop visual discrimination skills, as they look for similarities and differences between the images.

Creative Expression: The “People of the World” book with black and white pictures for coloring can be a fun and creative activity for students. They can color the pictures while learning about different cultures and traditions.

Using this printable in the classroom can provide a multi-sensory and interactive way for students to learn about diversity, geography, language, and cultural awareness. It can also spark curiosity and interest in exploring the world around them.


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