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This printable Peace Around the World – Multicultural activity is a valuable resource for teachers looking to incorporate cultural diversity and peace education into their Social Studies unit. Designed for children ages 3-6, this dress-up match up activity features traditional outfits from a variety of countries including Japan, Oman, India, Greenland, USA, The Netherlands, Germany, Ukraine, Hawaii, Republic of Ghana, and Mexico. This material encourages group discussions about peace and the importance of embracing different cultures. Help your students recognize and appreciate diversity with this engaging and educational resource!

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  • 12 children with different skin tone colors (girls and boys) – clipart images 
  • A map presenting the location of each example
  • Match-up activity with clipart and photographs (12 sets)

Print out on cardstock and laminate. Cut out every piece of clothing and invite your students to dress up children in different traditional clothes.

43 pages

Here is how this printable may support your students’ learning in the classroom:

Promotes cultural awareness and understanding: This printable helps students learn about different cultures and the diversity of traditional clothing around the world. It can spark discussions about the similarities and differences between cultures and promote tolerance and acceptance of diversity.

Encourages critical thinking and group discussion: By working on the dress-up match up activity, students can engage in critical thinking as they match the traditional outfits to the corresponding countries. This can lead to group discussions about the importance of cultural identity and the significance of clothing in different cultures.

Supports language development: The printable includes labels for each traditional outfit, which can help students build vocabulary related to different cultures and countries. It can also be used as a springboard for further language activities, such as writing descriptions of the outfits or creating dialogues between characters wearing the traditional clothing.

Fosters creativity and imaginative play: Younger students can enjoy the dress-up match up activity as a hands-on, interactive way to explore different cultures. They can use their imagination to role-play as characters from around the world, fostering creativity and cultural appreciation.

Integrates peace education: The theme of peace is woven throughout this printable, as students learn about different cultures and the importance of promoting peace and understanding in a diverse world. Teachers can use this printable as a way to introduce discussions about conflict resolution, empathy, and global citizenship.

This printable is a versatile resource that can be used in a variety of ways to promote cultural awareness, critical thinking, language development, creativity, and peace education in the classroom. It is a valuable tool for teachers looking to expand their students’ knowledge and appreciation of the world’s diverse cultures.


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