Animals Of The Continents Bingo


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This printable bingo game is a must-have for teachers looking to engage their young students in a fun and educational activity. Perfect for children aged 3-6, this game features adorable animal images from all seven continents, making it a great way to introduce geography concepts in a playful way.

With 21 different bingo boards included, each featuring 10 animals from a specific continent, children will have plenty of opportunities to learn about different parts of the world while having a blast playing the game. The set also comes with two versions of the animal call cards, covering both lowercase and uppercase letters, as well as bingo covers to help keep track of the animals called.

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In addition to the bingo game, this printable also includes bonus printables for extra learning and fun. This exciting resource that combines children’s love for animals, bingo games, and geography in one delightful package.

Here’s what’s included:

  •  21 x bingo boards with 3 boards and 10 animals for each of the seven continents:
    Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia/Oceania, and Antarctica
  • Two versions of the animal call cards – lowercase and uppercase
  • Bingo covers
  • Bonus printables

40 pages

Here are some ideas for using this printable bingo game in the classroom:

1. Geography lesson: Use this game as a fun way to introduce children to the seven continents and the animals that can be found on each continent. Have a discussion about the different habitats and climates that these animals live in.

2. Animal identification: As you call out the animals on the bingo cards, have the children match the animal to the correct continent on a world map or globe. This can help reinforce their knowledge of geography and animal identification.

3. Vocabulary building: Encourage children to practice saying the names of the animals as they mark off their bingo cards. This can help with language development and vocabulary building.

4. Team play: Divide the children into teams and have them work together to fill up their bingo cards. This can promote cooperation and teamwork skills.

5. Extension activities: After playing the bingo game, you can have the children research more about the animals they learned about and create a mini project or presentation to share with the class.

This printable bingo game can be a fun and educational way to engage children in learning about animals and continents in the classroom.


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