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    The editable version is included! Download and translate into a different language before printing.

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    North America Montessori-inspired preschool printable set filled with preschool hands-on skill reinforcement activities – fine motor, cutting, simple addition, tracing.

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    Three-part cards with 18 images for the object-to-picture matching activity. The printable features animal photographs to match Safari TOOBs: rabbit, beaver, cardinal, wolf, fox, elk, bighorn sheep, river otter, raccoon, black bear, grizzly bear, moose, mountain goat, bald eagle, bison, cougar, pronghorn antelope, white-tailed deer.

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    45 Animals of North America – 3 Part Montessori Nomenclature Cards and Information Cards

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    The Desert Biome is a learning set containing 3-part cards, description cards, information posters, student booklets for coloring and practicing handwriting, and research worksheets for students to learn about deserts. Students will learn about the main characteristics of this ecosystem, animal, and plant adaptations.

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    Unit study of North America (including Central America) contains hands-on resources to teach students about unique aspects of the continent while developing their concentration, logical thinking, comprehension skills, reading and so much more.

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    This resource presents eleven types of houses built by Native American people across various geographical locations of North America.

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    This resource contains two sets of cards and blackline student worksheets and booklets – Life Cycle of a Bald Eagle and Parts of a Bald Eagle 3 part cards.

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    Three-part cards with North American countries that include the country’s map outline and the corresponding flag. Encourage your students to practice writing and develop fine motor skills with this blackline option to create a student booklet. The colors of the maps match those of the Montessori map of North America.

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    This resource contains colored and b&w maps of North America with and without labels. It can be used with various age groups and in many different contexts – for coloring, labeling, pinning flags, marking locations, etc. Seventeen flags of the continent’s countries with labels and capital cities are also included.

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    This resource is great for preschool and kindergarten students for learning about the cultural aspects of Native American culture. It presents 16 different types of musical instruments with realistic and accurate clipart. Invite your students to match cards and trace labels. Bind labeled cards to make a picture book.

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    Sorting activity – natural and artificial North American landmarks.  Invite your students to discover the most beautiful landmarks in North America.

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    This resource gives students an initial introduction to the continent of North America. Twenty-four picturesque continent cards with photographs and short commentary give a visual presentation of the diversity of the continent, its natural beauty, architecture, traditions, and culture.

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