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This North America Montessori-inspired printable can be helpful addition to your classroom. Filled with hands-on skill reinforcement activities like fine motor exercises, cutting practice, simple addition tasks, and tracing activities, this printable will engage your little learners while helping them develop important skills. Included in this pack are pin poking and tracing exercises, cutting practice sheets, color matching peg activities featuring North American flags, addition and subtraction peg cards, lacing cards for fine motor development, introduction to North America picture posters, and a sorting activity to learn about vertebrate and invertebrate animals of North America.


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Here is what’s included:

  • Pin poking and tracing exercise
  • Cutting exercise
  • Color matching peg activity with North American flags
  • Addition and subtraction peg cards
  • Lacing cards
  • Introduction to North America – picture posters
  • Sorting activity: vertebrate vs. invertebrate animals of North Americ plus a control card.

28 pages

This printable can support students’ learning in the classroom by providing hands-on activities that reinforce important skills such as fine motor skills, cutting, addition, and tracing. By engaging in these activities, students can practice and improve their coordination, concentration, and cognitive skills in a fun and interactive way.

The pin poking and tracing exercises can help students develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The cutting exercise can improve their scissor skills and hand dexterity. The color matching peg activity with North American flags can help students practice identifying and matching colors, as well as learning about different countries and their flags.

The addition and subtraction peg cards provide a hands-on approach to practicing early math skills, while the lacing cards can help improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The introduction to North America picture posters can help students become familiar with the geography and wildlife of the continent.

The sorting activity of vertebrate vs. invertebrate animals of North America can help students learn about different types of animals and their characteristics. Overall, this printable offers a variety of activities that can support students’ learning in a fun and engaging way.

NB This printable is also included in the money-saving bundle – North America Continent Bundle. If you have purchased the bundle in the past, you don’t need to purchase this printable as well.


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