Europe Continent Bundle


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Introduction study of Europe that contains hands-on resources to teach students about unique aspects of the continent while developing their concentration, logical thinking, comprehension skills, reading and so much more.


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All resources are designed to adapt to each individual student and fit your classroom needs. Students will learn about different cultural, geographical aspects of the European continent and receive a general introduction.
This list of resources is a great addition to your continent boxes and art/cultural display area. Preschool Europe-themed activities are designed to develop fine motor and other important skills of young learners.
Here is what’s included:
Europe – Preschool Activity Set
Natural Landmarks and Artificial Landmarks – Sorting activity
Countries of Europe | 3-Part Cards
Pin flags
Castles of Europe | Parts of a Castle | 3-Part Cards
Wildlife of Europe – 3-Part Cards
Introduction to Europe | Picture Cards | European Map | Country Research Forms
Famous Artists of Europe Pack – Bio | 3-Part Cards | Display Art Work | Sort
45 Animals of Europe 3 Part Cards and Information Cards

300 pages
This pack is suitable for K – Grade 2 students




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