South America Continent Bundle


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This unit study of South America contains hands-on resources to teach students about unique aspects of the continent while developing their concentration, logical thinking, comprehension skills, reading and so much more.


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All resources are designed to adapt to each individual student and fit your classroom needs. Students will learn about different cultural, geographical aspects of the African continent, and the diversity of wildlife.

This list of resources is a great addition to your continent boxes and art/cultural display area. Preschool South America-themed activities are designed to develop fine motor and other important skills for young learners.

Here is what’s included:

South America Preschool Hands-on Activities
Natural Landmarks and Artificial Landmarks in South America | Sorting
South America Continent Cards and Country Research B&W Booklet
Flags of South America – 3 Part Cards and Blackline Masters
South America Maps, Blackline Masters, Pin Flags
Rain Forest Animals (South America) – Safari Toob 3 Part Cards – Editable
45 Animals Of South America – Nomenclature And Information Cards
South America Pack
Sloth Life Cycle and Parts of a Sloth 3 Part Cards Blackline Masters
Poison Dart Frogs – Safari Toob 3 Part Cards – Editable

225+ pages
This pack is suitable for K – Grade 1 students



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