Student-Led Country Research Worksheets


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Take your students on a thrilling adventure around the world! This comprehensive resource is designed to help primary and lower elementary students develop their research skills, build their confidence, and showcase their knowledge about countries from around the globe.

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What’s Included:

1. **Student Booklet**: “I am Learning About the Country of ___” (12 pages) – A fun and engaging booklet that encourages students to explore a country of their choice, gather information, and record their findings.
2. **Country Research Form**: A simple and easy-to-use template for lower elementary students to organize their research notes and present their findings in a clear and concise manner.


* Develops critical thinking and research skills
* Encourages cultural awareness and understanding
* Builds confidence in presenting information to an audience
* Enhances language skills through writing and presentation
* Fosters collaboration and teamwork

Teaching Objectives:

* Students will be able to identify and locate countries on a world map
* Students will be able to research and gather information about a country of their choice
* Students will be able to record and organize their findings using the country research form
* Students will be able to present their research findings to an audience

Skills Developed:

* Research skills
* Writing skills
* Presenting skills
* Critical thinking
* Cultural awareness
* Language skills

**Grade Level:** Lower Elementary (K-3)


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