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Sorting Activity: Natural and Artificial South American Landmarks
Take your students on an exciting adventure to explore the breathtaking landmarks of South America! This printable sorting activity is designed to engage your students in a fun and interactive way, while introducing them to the differences between natural and artificial landmarks in this fascinating continent.

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What’s Included:

* 2 Label Cards: “Natural” and “Artificial”
* 2 Definition Cards: Clear explanations of natural and artificial landmarks
* 10 Cards with Natural Landmarks in South America: Mountains, waterfalls, beaches, and more!
* 10 Cards with Artificial Landmarks in South America: Bridges, statues, monuments, and more!


* Recognize and understand the difference between natural and artificial landmarks
* Develop critical thinking skills through categorization and sorting
* Expand vocabulary related to geography and landforms

Teaching Suggestions:

* Use this activity as a introductory lesson to introduce students to South American geography
* Have students work in pairs or small groups to sort the landmarks
* Encourage students to research each landmark to learn more about its significance and importance
* Use this activity as a precursor to more in-depth studies on specific countries or regions in South America

**Perfect for:** K-2nd grade students, but adaptable for older or younger students as well.


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