45 Animals Of South America 3 Part Cards Facts

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Explore the Diverse Wildlife of South America with These 3-Part Montessori Nomenclature Cards!
Introduce your students to the fascinating creatures of South America with this comprehensive set of 3-part nomenclature cards, perfect for Montessori and homeschooling environments.

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**45 Control Cards**: Each card features a clear and concise label, making it easy for students to identify and match the correct information.

**45 Picture Cards**: Vibrant photographs of the animals will captivate your students’ attention and encourage a sense of wonder and curiosity.

**45 Label Cards**: Provide your students with the opportunity to practice their fine motor skills and vocabulary as they match the pictures to their corresponding labels.

**45 Information Cards**: Each card includes four key pieces of information about each animal:

* **Common Name**: Help your students learn the scientific and common names of the animals.
* **Photograph**: Engage your students with high-quality images of the animals in their natural habitats.
* **Habitat**: Teach your students about the diverse environments where these animals can be found.
* **Diet**: Introduce your students to the various diets of these animals, from omnivores to herbivores.
* **Interesting Fact**: Spark curiosity and encourage further exploration with an interesting fact about each animal.

This set includes a wide range of species, featuring:

* **Arthropods**: Eucharitid wasp, Brazilian treehopper, Goliath bird-eating spider, leaf-cutter ant, titan beetle, giant silkworm moth caterpillar, monkey grasshopper, tropical harvestman, Hercules beetle, giant South American grasshopper, variable beautymark butterfly, tropical treehopper, Brazilian wandering spider, giant South American centipede, and orchid bee.
* **Birds**: Military macaw, white-fronted parrot, scarlet macaw, three-wattled bellbird, keel-billed toucan, resplendent quetzal, Guianan cock-of-the-rock, sun parakeet, James’s flamingo, rufous-crested coquette, Magellanic penguin, spectacled owl, harpy eagle, toco toucan, Andean condor.
* **Mammals**: Guanaco, brown-throated sloth, giant anteater, pink fairy armadillo, common vampire bat, South American coati, jaguar, puma, bald uakari, capybara, Peale’s dolphin, South American sea lion, spectacled bear, Amazonian manatee, and pied tamarin.

These nomenclature cards are an excellent addition to your continent boxes and continent studies. They provide a comprehensive introduction to the diversity of wildlife found across South America and are perfect for developing vocabulary and fine motor skills.

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