Africa Continent Bundle

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Hands-on Africa Resources for Preschool and Elementary Students
Develop critical thinking and cultural awareness with our comprehensive Africa Unit Study.
This extensive unit study is designed to engage preschool, kindergarten and lower elementary students in a fun and interactive exploration of the African continent. With a focus on hands-on activities, this resource helps develop concentration, logical thinking, comprehension skills, reading, and more!

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Cultural and Geographical Insights

Explore the diverse cultural and geographical aspects of Africa, from its unique wildlife to its natural and artificial landmarks. This unit study is perfect for adding to your continent boxes or art/cultural display area.

Preschool-Friendly Activities

Our activities are specifically designed for young learners, focusing on fine motor skills development, essential for early childhood education. These engaging resources will have your preschool students eager to learn more about Africa’s fascinating continent.

What’s Included:

* South African Animals Safari Toob 3 Part Cards
* Hands-on Africa activities
* Natural Landmarks and Artificial Landmarks in Africa | Sorting
* Africa Continent Cards and Country Research B&W Booklet
* Flags of Africa – Countries and Territories – 3 Part Cards and Blackline Masters
* Africa Maps, Blackline Masters, Pin Flags
* 45 Animals Of Africa – Nomenclature and Information Cards
* Lion Life Cycle and Parts of the Lion 3 Part Cards Blackline Masters

Perfect for:

* Preschool, kindergarten and lower elementary teachers looking for engaging Africa-themed activities
* Educators seeking to develop critical thinking, cultural awareness, and fine motor skills
* Parents wanting to supplement their child’s learning at home
Here is what’s included:



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