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With over 50 pages of printable resources, this Montessori Winter Pack includes activities focused on geography, math, and language development. Children will have a blast identifying initial sounds, practicing sight word recognition, and honing their classification skills. Perfect for homeschooling or classroom use, this pack is designed for children aged 3-6 and aligns with Montessori principles. Keep your little ones engaged and learning during the winter season with this comprehensive activity pack.

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Here is what’s included:
Parts of a Polar Bear 3-part cards and student booklet
Winter Around the World (Facts about winter season in Australia/Oceania, Africa, Antarctica, South America, North America, Europe, Asia with photos and descriptions)
5 Senses sorting photo cards
Nature Scavenger Hunt and Winter Adventure Hunt 
Colors of Winter dorting cards
Counting to 20
I Spy Winter – counting and initial sound student activity page.
50 pages

Parts of a Polar Bear 3-part cards and student booklet:
– Use the 3-part cards to introduce children to the anatomy of a polar bear, matching picture cards with labels and definitions.
– Have students create their own booklet by cutting, sorting, and pasting the cards into a booklet format to reinforce learning.

Winter Around the World:
– Explore different cultures and geography by discussing winter seasons in various continents using the provided facts, photos, and descriptions.
– Engage students in a multicultural learning experience, encouraging them to compare and contrast winter traditions across different regions.

5 Senses sorting photo cards:
– Enhance sensory awareness by having students sort photo cards based on the sense they represent (sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing).
– Encourage discussions about how different aspects of winter can be experienced through the five senses.

 Nature Scavenger Hunt and Winter Adventure Hunt:
– Take students on an outdoor adventure to explore nature during winter.
Colors of Winter sorting cards:
– Introduce children to winter colors and shades through sorting cards based on different hues associated with the season.
– Use the cards for color recognition activities, matching games, or sorting by various criteria such as temperature or seasonal elements.

Counting to 20:
– Practice counting and number recognition skills up to 20 using engaging winter-themed activities.
– Incorporate the counting cards into math centers or small-group activities to reinforce numerical concepts.

 I Spy Winter – counting and initial sound student activity page:
– Develop counting and phonics skills by having students identify and count winter-themed objects while also focusing on initial sounds.
– Use the activity page as a fun and interactive way for students to practice observation, counting, and phonics skills simultaneously.

By utilizing the diverse activities included in The Montessori Winter Pack, educators can create engaging and meaningful learning experiences that cater to various learning styles and preferences.



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