North America Continent Bundle

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Explore the Wonders of North America with This Comprehensive Unit Study!
Take your students on an exciting journey across the continent of North America with this extensive unit study! This bundle is designed to engage young learners in hands-on activities that promote concentration, logical thinking, and comprehension skills while introducing them to the unique aspects of this vast and diverse continent.

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* Develops fine motor skills through various activities
* Enhances reading comprehension and vocabulary
* Promotes cultural awareness and understanding
* Fosters logical thinking and problem-solving skills
* Encourages creativity and critical thinking
* Adaptable to individual student needs and classroom settings

Perfect for:

* Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1 -3 classrooms
* Homeschooling or distance learning environments
* Montessori-inspired education.

Here is what’s included:
North America Continent Cards and Country Research B&W Booklet
Native American Musical Instruments – Preschool Picture Cards (download preview here)
Countries of North America: Maps and Flags – Montessori
Native American Houses Information and Picture Cards, 3 Part Cards (download preview here)
Natural Landmarks and Artificial Landmarks in North America | Sorting
Flags of North America (Countries of the Continents) Montessori 3-Part Cards Blackline Master
Bald Eagle Life Cycle and Parts of a Bald Eagle 3 Part Cards Blackline Masters
45 Animals Of North America – Montessori Nomenclature And Information Cards
North America Preschool Activities Montessori Inspired (download preview here)
United States Preschool Country Pack
Canada Preschool Country Pack
Animals of North America Safari Toob Cards

360 pages



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