Desert Biome | Nature Curriculum in Cards


This printable is a part of the Nature Curriculum in Cards series

Mini Desert Unit with information card, animal and plant 3-part cards (including information cards) for primary and lower elementary students, handwriting sheets and animal & plant research worksheet.
The printable features photographs.

The Desert Mini Unit Printable contains:
work mat with a map and general information
10 photographs of animals ( red kangaroo, fennec fox, roadrunner, scorpion, rattlesnake, meerkat, thorny devil, addax, camel, desert tortoise)
2 work mats with 10 description cards (for lower elementary students)
10 picture and 10 label cards
8 photographs of plants ( barrel cactus, jumping cholla, lovegrass, peyote cactus, tamarisk shrub, boab tree, saguaro cactus, ocotillo)
2 work mats with 8 description cards
8 picture and 8 label cards
student printouts with black and white photographs, print, cursive tracing fonts and blank for coloring and practicing handwriting.
two Animal Research printouts
Plant Research printout
18 pages

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