Mushrooms and Fungi Nomenclature Cards


Montessori inspired Mushroom 3-part cards with 25 types of fungi.

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Printable features photos of mushrooms.
I’ve picked some of the most amazing fungi that exist in nature.
I also included mushrooms that are most familiar to children (edible and poisonous) which they will recognize right away.
Montessori Nomenclature Cards assist children in learning new vocabulary and reading practice.
The printable includes:
a set of 25 labels, pictures, and control cards
13 pages
When printed and cut, the control card measures 10.5 x 8 cm, the photo card – 8×8 cm, and the label card – 8×2 cm

The printable is suitable for children ages 3-6. Mushrooms 3-part cards – an excellent addition to Nature study.

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