Mushrooms and Fungi 3 Part Cards


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Introduce your students to the fascinating world of fungi with this beautiful Montessori-inspired Mushroom 3-Part Cards printable! This comprehensive resource features 25 types of mushrooms with real photos, perfect for your Nature study materials.

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Key Features:

* 25 label, picture, and control cards featuring different types of fungi
* Real photos for accurate identification and engagement
* Supports learning of new vocabulary and reading skills
* Includes both edible and poisonous varieties for comprehensive learning
* Suitable for children ages 3-6

How it Works:

Use the Montessori-inspired 3-part cards to introduce your students to a variety of fungi, from familiar to unique species. The control card provides a key for identification, while the picture card showcases the mushroom’s appearance. The label card allows children to practice reading and writing the name of each fungus.


* Develops observation skills through hands-on learning experiences
* Expands knowledge of the natural world and promotes appreciation for diversity
* Improves reading and writing skills through repeated exposure to new vocabulary
* Supports STEM education and outdoor exploration

Technical Details:

* Printable includes 25 labels, pictures, and control cards
* Control card measures 10.5 x 8 cm, photo card – 8×8 cm, label card – 8×2 cm
* Perfect for use in Montessori or traditional classrooms


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