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This All about the Earth printable activity pack is perfect for preschool, kindergarten, Grade 1 students aged 3-8. With a wide range of hands-on activities, students will have fun while learning about the Earth, including phonics, numbers, continents, land and water forms, moon phases, and more. Featuring realistic clipart and photographs, this pack includes sorting cards, playdough mats, 3 part cards, student booklets, and more. Help your students expand their vocabulary, develop logical thinking, and explore the wonders of the Earth with this comprehensive activity pack. Ideal for homeschooling or classroom use, this pack is sure to engage and educate young learners.

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Here is what’s included:
Instructions and activity variations
Phonics – initial sound sorting cards (five cards for each letter, feature photographs)
Land and water mats – fine motor activity with building blocks
Seasons – sorting cards (six cards for each category, feature photographs)
Land, water, air – sorting cards (seven cards for each category, feature photographs)
Land and Water Forms – playdough mats and sorting cards (feature clipart and photographs)
Land and Water Forms – 3 part cards, definition cards and student booklet (feature clipart and photographs, backline clipart)
Land and water forms included in the printable: lake, island, cape, bay, peninsula, gulf, strait, isthmus, system of lakes, archipelago.
Teen number cards and backline booklet – counting, identifying, and matching quantity and symbols
Continents of the world (Montessori color-code) – different styles included – eastern and western hemispheres, different world map styles, outlines and color versions of continent outlines, world maps with and without labels
Continents of the world 3 part cards and backline booklet
Continents of the world – cards for push pinning
Continent cutting strips
Layers of the Earth chart and playdough mat
Storytelling with visual prompt
Phases of the Moon – (southern and northern hemispheres) charts, 3 part cards, student backline booklet

This printable All about the Earth learning activity pack can support students’ learning by engaging them in hands-on experiences that cater to a variety of learning styles and interests. The activities included in the pack cover a wide range of skills and concepts, such as phonics, numeracy, fine motor skills, geography, and science.

In the classroom, teachers can use this printable pack to supplement their Earth-themed lessons and provide students with interactive and engaging activities. For example, students can use the phonics sorting cards to practice letter sounds, use the land and water mats for a fine motor activity, and explore the different land and water forms through playdough mats and sorting cards.

Teachers can also incorporate activities such as continent sorting, moon phases charts, and layers of the Earth playdough mat to further deepen students’ understanding of Earth’s characteristics and features. The realistic clipart and photographs included in the printable can help students visualize and connect with the concepts being taught.

This printable can be a valuable resource for teachers looking to create hands-on and interactive learning experiences for their students, while also covering a wide range of educational concepts related to the Earth.
150 pages.

This pack is suitable for K, preschool, Grade 1 students.



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